Well, here is a popular story about superstitions...

Long back there was a Bramhin house hold who were indulging in all the practices as specified in the books or vedhas. They had many animals as part of the house hold including a cat, some mouse, hens, cows et all.

The elder bramhin had to perform the annual cermoney ( death day rememberence) of his father and for this, they had to cook food, offer to other bramhins and only after seeking their blessings would they eat the food. The meschivoius cat used to try and sample the wonderfull smelly food which irritated the elder bramhin. So he used to take a big onake – a heavy wodden stake and tie up the cat untill everybody was served food including the cat.

The elder bramhins practice year over year was witnessed by the younger siblings. After the death of the father, the younger started performing his fathers annual rites. Here he would religiously go and get a onake, search for a cat as they coudnt afford to have one and tie it up till end of cermony.

Many generations later, the bramhin son is still cribbing that the cermonies are ok but tieing up the cat, getting the onake is troublesome not to talk about the irritating,wailing cat!!

So – this is how we can build, develop and deploy superstitions which are irralavent when basic things change!!


9 Responses to Superstitions

  1. Ankur says:

    very aptly said… actually this is true not only for superstitions but also a lot of traditions.

  2. Vani says:

    NMBN, Mohan……Amazed that these things are still being practiced….

  3. rk says:

    baree bombaat majaa alla, food for thought kodtheera saar neevu!

    EBN = Eddu Biddu Nagthidheeni

  4. Chitra says:

    🙂 Funny, how we are stuck with stuff!

  5. Oh nice narrative! Will be very useful in debates. Thanks!

  6. The Black King,
    Welcome to this site – debates – thats a never ending story!! Thanks and visit again.

    Welcome to this site – Not only indians but even all other nations have these kind of past times but they ensure productivity and common sense prevails. Visit again. thanks.

    ooh, you will have to start a blog just to document those abbrivations!! thanks

    This is just a story – did not happen in real time.

    Definetly – keep visiting. thanks.

  7. praneshachar says:

    some of the stories like this are real too this is how blindly people people follow some from generation to generation
    BBN nakku nakku hotte hunnaitu mohan good food for thought too as mentioned by RK

  8. bachodi says:

    Saar, Do you know there is a kind of stick used to be held (by bhrhmachari ) during upanayana samskara ? and there is also a finger ring made out of “darbe ” grass.

    Congratulations , life is easy now. .. they come in plastic !!!!!

  9. Praneshachar,
    Welcome back after the great break!!
    The wise understand the difference between superstition and tradition!!

    Obviously thats true. Atleast in the urban jungle of Bangalore we have not YET reached that stage – we still get kusha or that darbe grass used to tie up the mounji or the waist band for the upanyana.

    Darbe has the essential charcterstic features to hold and insulate spiritual power unlike plastic ones. The stick you are referring to is denda – thridanda for swamijis representing that they have united with god and gone beyond the 3 sattvic, rajas and thams gunas… bachodi – you will have to forgive me here for the ignorance 😉

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