Airtel & Lifetime

The companies go all out to sell their services and here is a sample of wisdom shelled out by Air tel for its prepaid customers.

You pay 495 once and for life time they would not be charging rental.

There are some minor clauses like unless the usage is 200 Re for six months. In case you dont use that much – sorry your connection is terminated!

As of today, the customer care is not sure wether that 200 Rs is monthly or for the 6 months duration!! Assurances are given and broken time again.

What’s the logic for this life time prepaid if minimum amount needs to be spent, the customer can take regular connection and spend that amount? This is another cheating case just like credit card companies selling free cards unless you spend 20,000 Rs worth of purchases on the card.

Is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India listening.. Hello…hello….


6 Responses to Airtel & Lifetime

  1. Ankur says:

    actually u can get free credit card if u make a purchase of 100/- every six months…

    and 2 more points u forgot…
    1) what is the duration of the lifetime… these telcos do not have license to operate indefinitely.
    2) the usage tariff for this scheme is higher

  2. kalyan says:

    The TRAI is perhaps not listening as it is more leaned toward these pvt. companies these days. The companies are more interested in making profit and so they keep these grey areas, where no-one is sure as is the case with credit card cos. No-one is also sure about the duration of ‘lifetime’ as licenses are generally issued for a certain time and not life-time licenses.

  3. I hate Airtel… especially because of the floods of SMS-es they keep sending. If only I could sue them!

  4. Ankur,
    You have observed very valid points – yes there are some credit cards for that amount specified too…higher the glamour value, more the money customer has to shell out.

    Yes – all your observations are correct too. The licence time is about 15 years and thats the actual life time validity. My problem is that they promise life time and not even run these 15 years!!

    The black king,
    Except for a decent good network – they suck. Customer care is non existent and in emergencies like floods in bombay – all mobile networks jam up – arent the jokers taking us for a ride?

  5. neel3 says:

    More than paying attention to the catchy ads we must make it a habit to read and interpret the small print. I am investing in a hand held lens -directly..

  6. Neel3,
    🙂 Worthy investment. Just 2 days back BSNL provided along with their new directory such an instrument – multi purpose use i suppose.

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