Predatory moves

In our high school days, we were taught about food chains and how nature balances itself with animals eating each other and the fittest of the lot survives.

Looking at Vijay Mallya’s ambtions in the aviation sector, am little amprehensive as to where the poor customer would land with all these fights going to dogs in mid air.

First it was the eating up of Air Deccan , now Spice Jet…tomorrow what?

The most dangerous statement from flamboyant Mallya is “I would like to make the air line industry profitable” – a very just cause. This is a double edged sword -which no body knows would be chopping – thin air or heads?.

On one end is the harassed customer who looses a job in gulf countries – thanks to cancelled or rescheduled flights all at rock bottom prizes. The other end is the big players who eat away at small guys for want of facilities, parking lots including rich licences which they have to fight all over again.

The end is not very predictable. I personally have enjoyed the good times many times but lets have the plight of the cheap variant which makes the thrill for many customers come true – let it not get chopped mid-air!.

Monopoly of any goods or services is detrimental to the customer directly and hope somebody is taking note of that!

Congrats mallya!!! With this pie you are the market leader at 30% while Jet Airways is at 27% market share!!


6 Responses to Predatory moves

  1. bachodi says:

    Sorry for sounding dumb, but what is the context? Malya went for another shopping ride is it ?

  2. Bachodi,
    Congrats you have provided the 1000th comment – thanks.

    Obviously mallya has announced his intensions very clearly – buying out spicejet. He has told them to talk to him on that else he would take time and buy them out!!

  3. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohanavare i defer from your opinion. Its the time when the manufacturers are joining hands irrespective whether they are rivals wherein the bigger is taking over the smaller to address different verticals of the customers. Irrespective of the Market this is happening in every industry.

    This just a consolidation what is happening. This could workout in favour of the customer. Why should we have Silk Board Agriculture Dept Coconut Dept Cant there be one Agricultral Board or Division ?

    Its just a consolidation with lesser players and more better services. (provided they provide 😀 )

  4. Sastry sir,
    Looking at the last statement with smiley – summarizes if the mergers and aquisistions are good for customers!!

    The reason am posting this is mallya has publicly stated that low cost carriers are the bane of the industry and he is all for “doing away” with free lunches. this simply translates into predatory moves by which he is ensuring all low cost airlines are killed – would you like to still say that this is welcome?

  5. kalyan says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have a proper regulator and the Govt. still now is formulating the Aviation Policy, so in the mean time these big guys will just eat up those smaller ones ands its very sad to see, when competition was hotting up and the game was become interesting, monopoly is again coming back to haunt us.

  6. Kalyan,
    Thanks for the support – Mallya is close friend to the aviation minster and is even arm twisting to pass a resolution so that his kingfisher beer can be served on domestic sectors too – talk of wine,politicians,power,corruption they go hand in hand.

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