Medicine for this?

Very recently had an experience which kept telling me not only that this country has illitrate people but also education too has failed to lift the general veil of secrecy or ignorance. Thinking of the great upanishad saying that says “a small fliker of light will drive away darkness which was prevailant from 1000 of years”, is sadly yet to be visualized for India.

I keep buying medicine from a certain medical stores as he is quite service minded and checks the expiry date etc before giving one the medicine – a  practice which was very much appricated by me as most people can not read Doctors handwriting nor understand the concept of expiry dates in medicines.

It so happened that I had quite  a few left over tablets/medicine which was well within the expiry dates and when I inquired about returning and buying some other essential medicines from him, he nodded his head and said “Bring it sir, I will exchange but please come at day time preferablly after 10AM”. I was presplexed by this statement and asked “You mean the company folks who deliver the medine in bulk come only at that time and its easy for you to return those medicines?”.

He sheepishly smiled and said “no sir…you know its a practice that we dont take anything in return after dusk”.

Probably 100 of years ago, when the traders did not have enough light after dusk, re-examining and validating a returned product was tough and impossible due to dark conditions and this practice may have had its root there but prey tell me in this modern day of 100 watt CFC bulbs et all, is this practice still worthwhile? Is that D’Pharma which the medicine man studied fortottten to throw light and drive away the evil superstitions of this country still?

Due to this practice I need to go on a saturday or sunday morning after 10AM to save a few bucks by spending more energy,money,time et all for a superstition and God knows till when such things carry forward!!!

You guys may have had any such experiences or was I singled out by God for this treatement alone?


9 Responses to Medicine for this?

  1. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare my experience..

    Thursday night we realised that the amount of rice left at home was very less and not sufficient for friday for my lunch box. Then i thought that anyway i go for milk at 6:30am that time i could tell him to give atleast 1 Kg rice for emergency and later ask him to send 25KG bag . As soon i entered the marwari shop and asked for rice i got a shocking reply saying “WE WON’T SELL RICE ON FRIDAYS” . Same with all the merchants close by too, when asked for reason they said cant reply too.

    That day i had to have a KHara lunch at office.

    I’m still wondering………………

  2. Veena says:

    Mohan, Thank GOD they sell atleast after the dusk if not return. Look at Prasanna’s state!
    I wonder how many centuries we need to get over from all these..
    or May be they have their own good reason for it… May it will be too late to do their accounting for the day ?

  3. Cuckoo says:

    Ohh its normal in India. So many myths.. so much of superstitions… like you I always try to find out why it might have started in first place. Maybe the circumstances were different in that era. The things have changed now but not our belief.

  4. Sastry sir,
    It was a sad reading… dont you have 24/7 departmental stores or anything like that nearby – this is shocking to read. Poverty of imposed sorts!!!

    Agree with you but as I checked with them, they have a computer system for billing in my case and inventory is uptodate – its just simple superstition.

    Right again. But how many centuries will we take despite all sorts of growth to overcome this i really dont know.

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  6. neel3 says:

    Yeah,this is the in thing..
    I had a neighbour who kept telling the milk vendor “naLe baa”
    as it would be a late evening/ tuesday/friday/huNNime/amaavaasya….
    the vendor would have supplied milk for thirty days without advance and she would ‘play’ with his accounts this way.
    I often wondered when she didn’t have qualms about accepting milk,why was she so principled about making payments?that too what was legally his due…

  7. Neel3,
    Yes, there are people who dont pay money on friday, tuesday…hope the milk person also should have had such things…

  8. Cuckoo says:

    The shoppers also have this. They don’t accept goods for returning/exchanging early in the mornings. Always in the afternoons.
    Their logic – The things (which a customer wants to return/exchange for some reason) are already been traded & the profit on that has been accounted for. So, if they trade that again in the morning, it is actually a loss or no trade for them in the beginning of the day.

  9. Cuckoo,

    Maybe – but by end of day he still has to encounter that loss right – fact is medicine shops order items only when needed and give back stock which is expired or unused as they otherwise tend to become poison in hands of others – atleast the schedule H drugs. SO i still dont understand the shop owners business unless he like corporates window dresses the balance sheet at end of quarter or financial year.

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