BP apparatus

Recently while reading a newspaper, a small article caught my attention. It was written by a doctor from Mumbai regarding Blood pressure measuring apparatus.

Sphygmamanometer is the instrument which uses mercury as the prime element to measure the blood pressure of the patient. There are digital variants too but medical fatarnity still go by the golden standard of this sphygymeter.

The cause for concern is that these instruments need to be caliberated frequently. It seems the doctor has 5 different apparatus and each give different readings for the same patient immideatly.

So the doctor advices not to take high readings from one sphygmomonometer seriously and various readings from different doctors are consistently in the same band, you can be concluded to be hypersensitive.

The problem, doctor describes is more rampant in costal areas, where mercury expands and contracts due to pressure at costal regions. The same is true about our faithfull old thermometers measuring temperature..

So folks, take care about your BP and body temperature when measured by analog devices – they can be wrong too but dont ignore constant readings out of band.


7 Responses to BP apparatus

  1. rk says:

    very interesting info!
    thanks for ‘hanching’ it.

  2. Vani says:

    But still wonder why docs stick on to the same analog stuff when they can invest on a good digital one…..dont you think it is a lobby of sorts…they can easily fool you into thinking you are hypertensive or hyperglycaemic…as the case may be……gullible people can go on getting drugged…..

  3. Yaranna nambodu, yaranna biDodu?
    Hara Haraa Sree Chenna Someshwara!! 😦

  4. rk says:

    alli yaaro silli-lallili kookolallva, “NANN NAMBI…NANN NAMBI” antha, avaranna maatra nambi.

  5. Vani,
    Probably digital is again a more flactuating device compared to analog ones as per my knowledge – definetly there is no lobby here… its a one time purchase for a doctor and hence no lobbying would be usefull.

    Its more of ignorance with doctors and patients alike. Ideally one would be advised to use both digital and analog and take weighted average!

    Yes, thats why even doctors ask patients to pray. Billing by doctor curing by God.

    Nobody can do it except lalli of silli fame!

  6. Chitra says:

    Interesting info! Thanks!

  7. Chitra,
    Welcome to this site.thanks

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