Monday Blues….

I keep hearing the song ‘manic monday’ but this post is dedicated to that manic monday blues. Offcourse as per my understanding this problem is due to our total relaxation from friday evening till suddenly we find fun is replaced with gun!!

So how do you beat this? My favourate method is to plan for it.

There was this shocking news that most heart attacks happen on late sundays or twilight zone of monday morning – research may indicate monday morning strees as the direct cause – holy cow , it isnt worth dieing for it right?

Probably a list of issues that will hit us on monday morning will help to relieve this I suppose. A neat list of meetings ( some dreaded organizations have 10am monday meetings) for which you can have written answers, people to meet ( interviews), clients to handle ( that will happen this week – god promise types).

So how do you beat it – if at all you have that problem I mean šŸ™‚


11 Responses to Monday Blues….

  1. Take a sick leave šŸ˜‰

  2. rk says:


    * NMBN is Nelad Mele Bidd Nagthidhini (equivalent to ROFL)

  3. RK,
    * Thobha nakku hotte hunnu Barisko Bedi sir

    What a novel idea – does your Supervisor read my blog – hopefully not!

  4. bachodi says:

    Leave ? what is that ??

  5. Bachodi sir,
    You keep posting phots from mangalore to bangaore but working in chennai and ask what is leave – this is bad aint it? šŸ˜‰

  6. Sanjay M says:

    hmm I think this post was specially written for me šŸ™‚ I share the general resentment of monday probably due to the law of inertia acting applied for the weekend. This week’s monday I happened to be on leave. Will try out making that list next weekend šŸ™‚

  7. bachodi says:

    Ayyooo illappa… rajane kottilla. shanivara aadityavara sikkidde punya anta i flew with kingfisher beauties.
    I still havent used a single leave. I heard such a facility is available.

  8. Bachodi,
    Huh…. you are relaxing allright!!! just kidding.

    hmm it should definetly help you out … welcome back after the break.thanks

  9. neela says:

    I actually start having M blues from sunday evening itself.
    I am trying to beat it by planning a nice thing for Wednesday/Thursday evening so that I can look forward to that mid week highlight……

  10. Neela,
    šŸ™‚ So expecting good and bad times in cycles – good idea!

  11. […] Am happy its a Friday and not a manic monday. […]

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