Eco friendly bikes?

Recently I was quite amused seeing Santosh hegde (Lokayuktha) riding a electric bike, promoting clean and green environment.

This is a fake sense of conservation of resources. The idea is – unless we stop using fossil fuels directly, we are not messing up and creating pollution but thats a blatantly wrong idea!!! Some remote electric company is still burning coal, thorium or uranium to produce that electricity – stored and used in the cell of the bike.

Untill we stop using coal or other non hydal based products we are still heating up the environment and polluting the same. Nuclear reactors have their own pollution problem.

I would still prefer electric bikes because it move the source of contamination directly in front of my nose in traffic to distant place!!

What say guys?


11 Responses to Eco friendly bikes?

  1. Vijay says:

    Not a solution but a start…

  2. Shashikiran says:

    you’re so right…

  3. kalyan says:

    Yeah! its true, until we make an effort holistically, taking measures in bits & pieces will not be able to save the environment. I agree with your thoughts.

  4. Veena says:

    gud one..
    on the lighter side, office ge late aagi hodre atva raja beku andre.. u can say maneli current illa..

  5. Hahaha veena LOL 😀

    This can not be a solution as there would be millions who then keep the bike for recharging…and the power scarce will scare us all 😦

  6. neel3 says:

    solar bike bundre parvaagilla…

  7. Neel3,
    On veenas answer basis, i would say office is off on rainy days. I like this solar bike stuff.

    Its a real nightmare as you have thought about.

    Good one. Know I know why there are power problems in some specific part of city… 🙂

    Kalyan,vijay, shashi,
    Yes, its a good start but my only question is here of false security. Only few people know about this. Unless I readup a article of hydrogen fuel cells did I get to know this truth. I was about to tarde in one for one EKO bike!!!

  8. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare your intention is right about battery driven vehicles but they need to work a lot on making it work better. If you get stuck in rain with overflowing water on the road only god can save you bcoz the thrust cant be generated by the combusting engine which otherwise the petrol or diesel vehicle does. I have myself seen this with poor REVA car getting stuck here and owner being helpless.

    Another issue with this is Cost of the Battery for every i think 10K kms u need to spend around Rs.40K . Does this solve consumer’s probs.

    Environment is always secondary gurugaLe namma pocket modalu mukhya. I dint mention many other problems faced, just bcoz if anyone owns one it will be certainly discourage that person.

  9. Sastry sir,
    Looks like you have first hand experience. What I have not mentioned too is the disposal problem with used batteries. They contain corrosive acid, zinc etc . These batteries die every 3 years irrespective of usage – thats another probelm too.

    Think your point of view is the ONLY point of view public can afford to take.

  10. bachodi says:

    Saar the idea is electric companies’ burn fuel somewhere far from human habituate. So thought it affects the nature, it won’t be right near your lungs. And all electricity need not be from coal or nuclear. It can be hydral (which has biggest share in India, or may be wind energy too).
    It might look like a hierocracy in one angle, we should also see it as an “alilu seve” from him

  11. Bachodi sir,
    Exactly your feelings is what is my closing comments in the last para of the post.

    The dwindling water resources are pushing hydel projects into red. In the near future for INDIA – coal and nuclear with minor contributions of wind energy are the primary energy generators.

    Alilu seve is OK but misconception Yake is my question. In fact just yesterday there was acid rains due to global warming – somebody in russia runs heater and fellow in ahmedabad feels the acid – bad logic but truth.

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