Whats your age?

Well the above questions brings forth a range of emotions from people – some times even numbers in the range of 01 to 100+.

Each time I hear a number, it tells me that number is wrong! The reason is simple.

My biology teacher taught me that a male sperm meets up with female egg – dishum and a new cell (xygote) is produced. The 2 cells which had nucleai , protiens et all merge and form a life force or rather its a continuation of the original sperm and egg. Now that cells were created by respective biological father / mother many moons before – meaning a child life was kindled at the birth time of its parents – the cycle goes backwards and that means you and me are many Zillions of years old!!!!

Fuzzy as it may be unless we add the caption – christining of zygote or conception of a kid till date is x years and y months, it becomes wrong to say am only so many years old!!

Maybe thats why our elders skipped this question and said ‘age is all about ones mind state’!!


13 Responses to Whats your age?

  1. True…Age depends on how one thinks…and the attitude.

    The cycle you have given also transpires back thru the evolution process, back to amoeba, back to black hole and ends at a “POINT”, this bindu is referred to as GOD in our texts. So, each cell in our body is a part of that super point…. physolophical, and true. What a gr8 thought Mohan!!

    BTW, i wanted to ask you one thing from a long time……………… “WHATS YOUR AGE?” πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  2. bachodi says:

    Yes saar m I want to ask you the same thing.
    “whats your age ” .. and you too Srik πŸ˜‰

  3. Vani says:

    Sadhya…all u men do the asking age business yourselves…it’s not decent to ask all the ladies their age….naanu forever sweet 16 πŸ˜‰ ….

    Seriously, as others have pointed out, age is a state of mind more than body…….

    And coming to age, someone had once sent me a link called Death Clock or something which exactly tells us when we will die, provided we are not victims of natural calamities or accidents….on that basis I will be dying on 21 September 2059…..

  4. Veena says:


    Now a days its more of number of years of experience or which year your passed out your degree kind of questions! πŸ™‚

    More than old age, becoming senior in the industry is in a way kind of pain..!

  5. Veena,
    Well said!!! This is a paradigm shift but mostly related to professional/job seekers. As getting senior is painfull is directly proportional to the team size and invesrly proportional to the glamour value of your company!!!

    Vani aka sweet 16,
    OK, you will never get to enjoy the wisefull years beyond 16 then- your choice!

    My age is their as part of the post – technically a zillion years – termed the athma but bilogically 3+ donkey years.

    Well said and connected the missing link to paramathma.

  6. Vani says:


    Isht yella hidden meanings nodteera antha nange gottirlilla…… 😦

    And as Veena puts it right, I too feel that growth = pain, I was way better off when I started my career…..

  7. TSSM says:

    the issue of ageing can be viewed from the angle:

    1. how happy am I now, as compared to, my childhood days ?
    2. how healthy am I now, as compared to, my childhood days ?

    Some where down the lane, we tend to loose the aspects of our innocence, excitement, laughter,mischief and other qualities of ‘child in us’ and progressively move towards cynicism. Therein lies the danger.

    Speaking from that point of view, I still like to be in my teens.

  8. TSSM,
    Very aptly rounded off!!!

  9. Veena says:

    TSSM avare, coincidently happen to read this line today in one of collegues email signature.

    “Whether its the best time or the worst, this is the only time that we have got”

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  10. TSSM says:

    Veena avare,
    Absolutely correct.
    we have to bear in mind that ‘happiness is not the destination but a journey’.

  11. rk says:

    wonderfully said (2)

  12. TSSM,
    One single sentence – no more arguments!!! πŸ™‚

  13. Veena says:

    TSSM et all, you guys seem to be so happy blogging.. Inspiring!!

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