Tieing the knot…

Most males would have to face this test at some point of time in their life. Am not talking about the hindu ritual wherein the male ties a knot for mangalasuthra as its termed, its more western in nature and tied around ones neck!!Dont remember the fellow who made this comment but it said something like this about leaders of America – “We know these are the folks who make the decision affecting millions but prey why start the day with a noose round the neck?”

Historically, as an enslaved nation belonging to the commonwealth nations, Indian hang themseleves up with this ornamental decoration. The irritation factor far exceeds all the smartness or other things which are provided as side effects – majorly in hot seasons.

Ties in equatorial region like singapore sound real death knells to common folks!! With only 3 seasons in singapore just like our own chennai those being hot, hotter, hottest – one can be left with blisters as many a sales folk find out the hard way at end of day.

These ties can be knotted in majorly 2 variations – American which is carefree, with the knot making a perfect triangle. The British variaint is slightly loose in the knot, not good looking as compared to the american version. Some folks even mention the Australian version – not sure of it.

My first hand problems of ties started in 1st standard itself, in protest I chewed away at it at leisure – like a bull chewing on cud. Things were cooled off with a change of school but these knotty problems came back to me when my first skills upgradation class was told – how importent it is to be smart looking and presentable – needless to say it included this darn tie.

I had to make use of my fathers wedding reception tie and went around asking my friends to help me tie up properly. This meant many adventures of doing the knot. The real torrture started when as a faculty, I needed to wear these damn things for more than 8 hours while my students enjoyed bermudas.

So long live the tie and its knotty problems!!


7 Responses to Tieing the knot…

  1. shark says:

    when all the guys in the world crib about wearing ties…
    today i saw a girl in my office wearing something which could be called a tie… not the formal ones, but more on the casual side..
    guess it’s “in” now…

  2. bachodi says:

    I learned to tie a tie just two day ago. I hated wearing it whole day (no need to tell I am in Chennai)

  3. some body says:


    i hate ties i hate ties i hate ties. thankfully, i never had to wear it throughout school! once in the usa, i was in trouble on formal occasions – i initially wore the clip-ons then someone told me that they are conspicuous and dead giveaways, so learned to wear the real one like a ‘saaheb’ ;-).

    i have missed a lot of your posts – will be back soon!


    given a choice, i would rather shave than wear a tie. maybe this clue will help you ;-).

    – s.b.

  4. Shashikiran says:

    How right you are! It serves no purpose, it’s darned silly, and yet we have to wear it. The trousers and the shirt are decent, functional creations. I wonder if we can loudly express our contempt for the tie and just stop wearing it.

    Anyway, we wear it a lot less these days. And Western guests arrive at our places without it.

  5. praneshachar says:

    Tie really pathetic see people wearing in hot summer.
    tie kattidavarannu nodidare olle kuttigege urulu hakida taraha irutte
    but we are Indians we follow western traditions customs blidly and forget
    ours easily

  6. Cuckoo says:

    Ohh I so like my male counterparts… all tied up ! 😛

    Sadistic ? Am I ? NO.

  7. Cuckoo,
    What a dramatic statement!!!

    Praneshachar, shashikiran, somebody
    Thanks for the support there.

    welcome to the elite club of torture!!!

    Thats a open one , in the sence it is not TIED around tightly round the neck of a person but more ornamenta in nature – no torture

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