The one car per family policy

A great set of thanks to Sri CheluvaNarayanswamy who has bestowed with immense wisdom and intellect to promote – Jamless roads in the urban jungle of Bangalore immideatly and Karnataka at later on stages. Considering his unique preposition, the Govenment MAY extend the following curtosies too:

a) Ensure every family can have only one child – Every couple on delivery automatically get approved for sterlization program with monetory and insurance benefits – obviously the sucess rate of sterlization is 80% in the world but 20% in our local land. Department people can create fake deliveries, fake couples and enrich their coffers.

b) Ensure every family gets only one job. Aint it sufficient to eradicate joblessness for youth in this country? With this master stroke, any politician can claim to have eradicated this evil design forever. You can create fake families and provide fake jobs but real salaries. This enriches the officials private purse anyways.

c) Ensure every family gets only 2 meals in a day. By doing this great service – poverty is alivated and the politician would be smiling away. You can create fake families with fake children so that real food is pelfiraged and sold to needy at great amounts. Needless to say the officials private purse is filled.

d)Ensure every family has only one wife who delivers children – funny it may sound as there are religious possibilites of multiple wives – all legal for some reserved category while its illegal and punishable for others. By equating all such restrictions of single wife – this enforces only one child per family, one job ensures to eradicate the population explosion too. You can create fake wives who deliver real children to fake families. This enriches the officials private purse.

Having conquered the aam admi’s real problems the politican is in trouble. He only has to provide good goverence, roads, drinking water to masses. Well, these are purposefully kept pending for next election promises.

Meanwhile the politician and clan laughes away to ill gotten wealth while the country is taken for a super big ride – thanks to Road Transport Deparement headed by an able minister with super thinking capacity.

Readers are requested to send in their additional “one per family” restrictions to the department directly. Any good suggestions which helps the official grow his unofficial balance gets an award – the golden cockroach which enables you to have 2 childeren…needless to say all the above rules dont bind you any more.

Hip Hip hurry to RTO!


7 Responses to The one car per family policy

  1. kbharadwaj81 says:

    Let him first implement rule “one minister per family” or even better ” one politician per family ” and later implement this policy.

  2. pegasus says:

    i hope this is a sarcastic post.. otherwise i can write books against this guy.

  3. Hahahah mohan, back to basics? huh!

    Hip Hip hurrah!!

  4. praneshachar says:

    Great thought and these can only come to politicians
    great going csami. husharagiri athava avaru idannu ondu
    ashwasane roopadalli helirabeku yake andre rajakaranigala
    ashwasanegaslige beleye illa avu yavattu implement agalla
    any how it was hilarious and happy reading inbetween hectic
    work month end year end and payment of salaries etc etc.,
    Thanks mohan for time off for us

  5. Praneshachar,
    This man is seriously deciding to implement this – watch out soon. Glad you had some light moments. thanks

    Isnt our country full of only basic problems πŸ™‚

    Comment to ponder about, its supposed to be humorus…

    Welcome to this site. Your suggestion is a very good one – I would ask everybody from Pdt Jawaharlal Nehru to our own Dewegowda to answer our suggestion. Good one. Keep visiting. thanks.

  6. bachodi says:

    Ha ha ha πŸ˜‰
    Good thought saar, … from all angles

  7. Bachodi sir,

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