Bali Pashu

The word Bali Pashu reffer’s to the sacred sacrifice done at the alter of God from deciples for granting wishes. There are many types of sacrifices done to God from fruits, dishes, animals and even human beings at times!!

The law of the land has recognized that killing an animal or person is against law and considered as a crime.

Just yesterday a television channel was showing how a group of villagers who were about to make about 10 lambs/goats as bali pashu’s was saved from death.

If killing animals as sacrifice is cruelty, then killing them for food right from our 5 star hotels to the smallest daba on road sides is also violation of law right? Then why are they spared?

Am definetly not saying dont eat non-vegetarian food but just pondering about the dual standards here.


10 Responses to Bali Pashu

  1. Vani says:

    Food for thought, Mohan……sets you pondering.

    I cannot say anything more, I dont consume NV…….but NV Eaters have their own reasons to justify consumption…..

  2. Vani, similarly those sacrifice makers also have their reasons to justify.
    There must be some guideline for these I think. Definitely a food for thought, Mohan.

  3. rk says:

    ನಾನ್ ವೆಜಿಟೇರಿಯನ್ ಸಾರ್.

  4. Veena says:

    Mohan avare, idu food for thought alla food for fight..
    usually many a times I have seen this topic giving rise to arguments..

    Jagadish Chandra bose bere plants ge jeeve ide antha prove maadidaaralla… so adu root cause 🙂

  5. bachodi says:

    Oops , Never thought about it. It is a hypocritical law isn’t it ?
    One reason I can think about is they want to abolish that social evil. just like sati and all.

  6. praneshachar says:

    It is pathetic to see the animals qued up in
    famous Kali Temple in Calcutta you feel
    so sad there looking at them who will be
    butcherred within couple of hours.’
    really sad and a very opt food for thought.

    nimma comment sakkattagide

  7. Vani,

    Thats what made me put this post srik…

    Eggitarian sir neevu 🙂 Proofu nimma blognalli ide!

    Rightu madam but see my disclaimer – am not asking anybody to be either veg or non veg – its upto their personal feelings and choices – only one problem with it is these god sacrificing (animals only) peoples rights are getting hijacked!

    Probably your thinking is in right direction but amazing that nobody thought about the rights of the god sacrificing people too.

    Hope a Non-vegetarain does not get such thoughts atleast…. 🙂

  8. David says:

    This is a silly argument. We take life for eating because we must. Your “god” has apparently created a world in which life must eat life. However, “sacrifice” is a foolish waste of life, since nothing comes of it. Eating at least has the effect of keeping the eater alive. Sacrifice has no effect at all–it is sheer superstition.
    That which is done for a good reason is at least potentially acceptable. That which is done for no good reason is never acceptable or moral.

  9. praneshachar says:

    these are views of cross section here nobody says eating NV is wrong. what are status of law and with so much enactments also these sacrifices go right royal and in front of people. this is what is being discussed no ill feelings pleae what is silly for one is important for other like one man’s food is another man’s poision.


  10. Dr David,
    Welcome to this site. Its a pleasure having you here.If you notice,there is a standard disclaimer that “am not against people eating NV in the above post itself”.
    I dont agree that “sacrifice” is waste – people do consume it. According to science which includes testes of predictability and repeatability – God is still an unknown entitiy. At this point of time according to some people he/she/it doesnt exist and converse is true for some people. Now depending upon which side of the fence you are – you try to tell the other side is wrong – only time and your science which may catch up in future can tell the truth i suppose.
    If you notice the post is all about dual standards in terms of killing an animal/life. Every body is quick to jump and argue killing animals is justified – God then gets created – funnily and suddenly but what we are missing is why then sacrifice and eating animal – according to law is wrong but doing the same thing in your kitchen and eating is legal?
    Pranesh has rightly said one mans food is another mans poison and we need to respect both of them here.

    Do keep visiting.Thanks

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