Scissors story

Recently myself had to travel to Bombay from Bangalore on some official business. I checked in and flew out 15 minutes late because the incoming Air craft was delayed due to Air control at Bombay.

I had finished my business trip and checked in at Bombay. As usual it was announced that the flight is delayed by 15 mintues because incoming Aircraft was 15 mintues delayed due to air traffic jam at Bangalore. Wondering who has to be blamed for this. Bangalore aircontrol is blamed at Bombay and viceversa!!
The security had kept my bag aside and asked sir – you have scissors in your baggage? – thats not allowed and threw it into dust bin!!

I protested saying I have travelled with it from Bangalore and it was allowed. The answer was a sad grin and sorry from the over worked hawaldhar.

My questions included:

a) Can scissors be used as weapons to hijack and threaten people on flight from Bombay only? Why not from Bangalore – why its a threat from other side only?

b)Is it a money making racket of police personell or are they short of scissors?

c) It was not a coincidence that even my collegue had similar experience a couple of months back – are the police trained differently in different regions of this country?

d) Lastly, a fake bomb call should have actually beefed up the security checking at Bangalore airport and caught this offending scissors?

As the adage from a corporate trainer – Different strokes for different folks!!!


9 Responses to Scissors story

  1. shark says:

    In this particular case, I think bangalore security is to be blamed. Definitely scissors can be a weapon and they should have checked it.

    But I have noticed that the security check in bangalore for domestic travel is at it’s worst! They hardly check anything….
    When the whole world was not allowing fluids and stuff in cabin baggage… bangalore was happily allowing it. Either they are grossly over confident or grossly under-trained. Both the cases can be very dangerous!

  2. I think they are both over confident and under trained, Shark. So, the danger levels are two folds. As the air traffic is getting to a new high in Bangalore, we need better maintenance and good security. People have been taken for granted in India for enough times.

  3. praneshachar says:

    There is no doubt security checks in general in india are not that good and bangalroe it is in its worst. people can sneak in with so many things which should not have been allowed. as srik says
    “they are over confident and also undertrained”
    so beware of bangalore security at airport

  4. rk says:

    nanna kalpane:
    when that security person threw the scissor, you should have told: You too, Brutus! (coz you were Julias Scissor)

  5. RK,
    LoL … What imagination. Thats why you are a kavi aka wiki

    Praneshachar, Srik,
    Your warning is right and atleast our flying club be aware.

    As usual sharp observations 🙂

  6. bachodi says:

    That all depends,
    Say for example, if you are flying to Kashmir with a gun in your hand – you are a soldier. If you are flying back with the same way – you are a terrorist. 😉

  7. Bachodi,
    What an apt observation!!

  8. Cuckoo says:

    Well, I had a similar experience while flying back from H’bad to Mumbai. My colleague had to throw his scissors & other small bottles of liquids in the dustbin at H’bad airport. No amount of pleading, cajoling worked. Mind you, it was only while coming. Flying from Mumbai was not a problem for us.
    I think the security dept. doesn’t have a standardized agenda of what to look for.
    e.g There is a size mentioned for all these ‘weapons’ like scissors, nail cutter, knife. Just to be on the safer side, the on-duty security staff makes us throw everything.

    And B’lore airport is worst among domestic ones. Recently I had a another experience.

  9. Cuckoo,
    I did not know about standard size. Ok, next time i will check that out – if need be i will even delay the flight!!!

    For me, Surprising that Bangalore allowed scissors while mumbai did not and for you its the reverse in mumbai… something is very wrong in our police frisking then!

    Please do share your experience in your blog or my blog…let the community get to know.

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