Laugh it out – 8

A man was called by police to the station and the following conversation took place.

Inspector : Your name is..

Man: Raju babu sir..

Inspector: OK, raju babu… do you have a credit card?

Man: (Surprised) Why Yes I mean No sir.

Inspector: Yes or No?

Man: I mean I had a credit card, but it was stolen 3 months back.

Inspector: Do you remember the details of card?

Man: Why yes sir, it was issued by Katchara bank numbered 123412341234332

Inspector: Good. (opens a plastic cover and flashes a card). Do you recognize this?

Man: ooh. Its my card!!

Inspector: Raju, why did you not complain about your lost card to the bank people atleast?

Man: (Shyly) Sir, the theif was using the card more sparingly than my wife!


12 Responses to Laugh it out – 8

  1. praneshachar says:

    good one but seems I have heard it in some other context not in a
    police enquiry scene.
    still worth reading for a change and hilarious at the end comment

  2. Veena says:

    king rooster and credit card stories.. ! From here onwards, all credit card jokes will be dedicated to kingrooster.

  3. bachodi says:

    Good one , I heard it this before. Why now Saar, any similar experience ?

  4. Bachodi,
    oops!!! I lost my credit card 3 years back!!! ( surrendered it as it was of not much use to family)

    Thanksu for the credits.

    You are right. The situation has been turned around with recasting of the joke by me – atleast that was the attempt.

  5. bachodi says:

    What? You don’t have any credit card?
    Next time when she calls me “Refer your friends’ saaar” … I’ll give your number.
    Why only you should live peaceful life ? 😉

  6. Bachodi,
    🙂 What I have been telling everybody is getting confirmed now!!! Now you know why i dont have a cell too 😉

  7. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan need not have any of them, thatz why he prefers Carrying “SCISSORS” with him. B’lore Cops knew it but that Mumbai Cop didnt know it.

  8. Sastry sir,
    welcome after lot many days!!! Sir your comment is a much better joke than what I started off with!!!

    BTW, it was part of my personal upkeeping kit 😉 [ politically sounding correct for a shaving kit i suppose ]

  9. Cuckoo says:

    Ha Ha… good laugh once again (b’coz I had heard this before).

    And that scissors story fits well here. 😉

  10. Cuckoo,
    Thats what I feel to, sastry sir has hijacked my joke with a better comment. How about starting a blog sastry sir?

  11. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan sir my intention was never to hijack (with Scissors) ur joke since your story about Security Check was still fresh in mind . I just added it here.

    Reg Blog I prefer reading more than writing, I make sure that i visit all the Sub-Sections of our MB and never forget to visit urs,bellur and Sanjay’s blog

  12. Sastry sir,
    No offence but just pulling your leg. Good to hear you visit regularly – thanks again. But you have such humorous thoughts – others would enjoy reading your blog too….. there is allways some day for that.

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