The Games we played..1

There was this cousin of mine who was equally naughty at home. I had reached proportions of anxiety when mother had to literally take a leaf from Krishna’s Bhagavatham and tie me up to a small drum filled with playing things. So, my aunt Indira came up with a glourious idea to some how put us into school so that they can have some peace of mind.

We were both marched to school next summar and promptly the ages were declared as plus 1 – I was 4 years 6 months exactly when my date of birth was post-poned by one year so that I could be admitted to 1st standard – this till date is a reminder in my driving licence that am one year older than what I am according to reality.

Womans Peace Leauge in Basavanagudi was not pronouncable to most people including us and it was called the ‘usuli pisili school‘ and this tag struck on for many years to come.

Mani miss was the first teacher of my ABC learning age. She doubled up as mother to 40 brats who wailed nonstop – ‘Amma beku‘ and she would take one kid on left side, the other on right side and show them all sorts of pictures etc. The brats would see everything and keep quite. The minute miss put them down – ‘Amma beku‘.

We somehow used to stand in prayer and half mumble the same. National anthem was sung with full guesto as it was easy to chant – rhyming and we did not know the meanings.

Mother confessed that first day she too cried after leavng me off at school. Not knowing what to do alone at home. With me around she never knew how time passed.

Slowly we got adjusted to mani miss and passed out with colours – writing A,B,C. The highlight of this year was the colouring contest we participated and everybody got a prize as chocolate.

At school we could play the see-saw, slopes, parallel bars. One of our favourite pranks was to collect the big ‘Ane khai‘ – a type of hard cased, long fruit and put it stratergically in the centre of main road and watch as BTS buses went on it full speed and the noise of breaking that fruit many times made the driver to stop the vehicle and check if there was a puncture and we would clap and run away.

I forever think and thank Joshi miss who ensured I passed every single exam despite my frequent missing of school. This was due to tonsilites related ailments which used to occur on regular basis. She was kind enough to get seperate exams just for me so many times.

There was this C.D.Mohan who was a very natorious prankster. He used to pull the ribbons of girls hairs, scare them, drink away water from their bottles and even threatened them not to inform miss.

One such incident surfaced and promptly he was asked to bring his parents. He stopped coming to school. Incidentally he was my neighbour too. Miss asked one of the kids to go to mohans house and request his mother to come and see the madam urgently. We did not have the concept of dairy modern kids have.

So promptly when I was playing near the roadside gutter, shashi has gone and told mom that miss wanted to see her urgently. Mother came with me next day and asked why she was told to come. Miss got confused and asked shashi why he had told my mom so. Shashi blurted ‘neeve helidralla miss‘. Now both miss and mother understood it was C.D.Mohan and not me.

Many a times mom used to get complaints from school all related to C.D.Mohan. This made me do a couple of pranks in his name too.

Then came the summer of 3rd standard which was not a pleasent idea at all. I was operated for the tonsilities and father had purchased a own house in another location and we were moving out to our ‘own house‘.

This was trumatic for me – which could not even be explained. Loosing all my friends, school – teachers and starting afresh was unimaginable but I had no options too.

to be continued….


14 Responses to The Games we played..1

  1. Vani says:

    Wow Mohan,

    I am really enjoying this… are such a wonderful story teller.

  2. rk says:

    i second vani’s comments.
    btw, my sisters too from usli-pusli school.

  3. Vijay says:

    I remember Womens Peace League school πŸ™‚

    By the way on the changing of schools, until 5th std, I studied each year in a different school… including Mahila Seva Samaja… (wow .. a post coming on regarding that… just remembered something)

  4. Vani says:

    My cousin from Mahila Seva Samaaja too…..

  5. Vijay says:

    Vani: Only 4th Standard…

  6. Vani says:

    Parvagilla bidi Vijay….same school…My cosuin is much much younger……avLu nimm level ge reach aadre saaku life nalli…she’s still doing MBBS.

  7. praneshachar says:

    your narrative style is simply superb mohan
    and you are able to recollect all memories and
    so your memory is really sharp.
    looking forward to more interesting things as
    you go to new school in new area new friends
    new techers great
    nimma mahila samaja scholl post dari kaytaidivi
    begne post madi

  8. Praneshachar,
    Thanksu sir.

    Changing school every year is a tough job. Definetly looking forward to that post. Mahila mandali was just backside to my APS college. Heard that it has been closed!

    Vani, RK
    Thaksu againu.

  9. Vijay says:

    Vani: Thanks ree… I wish her the very best…

    Pranesh: Will do so sir

    Mohan: The amazing thing is I used to get admission πŸ™‚

  10. Vijay,
    LoL kids were in short supply those days and education was not paying much to administrators.

  11. shark says:

    I can’t believe this… you studies in WPL too? I did too….:D
    Aww all this talks about Mani Miss.. is making me miss her!

  12. Shark,
    WPL? I remember that purple tie which i had chewed down due to high stress levels πŸ™‚ I was in 1st standard in 1973 april batch till 1975 …

  13. shark says:

    stress in WPL.. I don’t beleive πŸ˜›
    I studied there from 84 to 92.

  14. Shark,
    Stress of doing homework, going to school πŸ˜‰

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