Mahabaratha – modern shtyle

Very recently flop actor turned director Mr ChodRaj decided to do a mega movie with a star cast which ensures the movie is a crowd puller and has decided to cast as follows:

Drupadhi: Ms Jayalalitha,

Bheem : Mr Mulayam singhji ,

Yudishtir : LalluJi,

Arjun: VP singh,

Nakul: DharamSingh,

Sahadev : Mr Mallikarjun Kharge,

Karna : Mr Siddaramiah,

Dhryodhan : LalKrishna Advaniji,

Dhushyasan: SP Gill,

Shakuni: Arjun Singhji,

Krishna: Devegowdaji,

Bheeshma: Yedyurappa

Abhimanyu : Mr Kumaraswamy

Ashwathama : Ms Sonia Gandhi ( due to equal rights to woman)

Ghatotkacha : Mr Rahul Gandhi

Hidimba : Ms Mayawathi

The other cast has been undecided as shakuni has brought the issue of reservations in the casting. BSP has already raised slogans that Ambedkar too be included in the play as otherwise it would be derogatory and un-constitutional.

In a landmark statement Ms Jayalalitha has decided to do a Mega Ramayan with introduction of thiruvalluvar as a saint and social reformer. It is also supposed to include the cuvery issue as shown from ramayan days when rama came down to south fighting ravan. Karunanidhi has given a petition to central government to ban this movie as it does not include him or any DMK functionaries.
The script has been turned upside down due to modernization. In this story, drupadhi is not going to marry at all but have a live in relationship with the pandavas. Duryodhan takes an anticipatory bail from beeshma before enacting the cheating scene and brings a legislation to ban IPC sec 420 of cheating. Dhyshyasan has banned the preperation of all sarees and threatned Krishna with dire sequence in case he decided to intervene.

Arjun has given up hiw bow for a new AK57 and is using the modern T20 tank as a personal carrier vehicle. Lord krishna has given away his conch and got a twirling siren fitted on to his T10. The Bhagavadgita is preached by Sri Ambedkar to arujna and krishnas role is just that of a driver.

Kurukshetra is replaced with Indo-Pak border. There are cheer girls from Bangladesh too for egging on the epic movie.

The climax is not yet decided and this time Drupadhi may decided to live with Dhuryodhan and Yudishtir addopting a coilation rule. Finally Allah would be included in the cast to balance the secular credentials of the movie and bless the couple.


5 Responses to Mahabaratha – modern shtyle

  1. neel3 says:

    now your middle name maybe changed to Vyaasa-Vinaayaka!!

    I am freaking out again today..

    In the dull situation of computer -lessness, your blog has provided a ‘fun’tastic entertainment. thanks ri.

  2. bachodi says:

    What about character of Shikhandi ? . You ll get many actors in politics for that role

  3. Neel3,
    Glad to hear that its entertaining

    you have a valid point there! Considering shikandi is non other than arjuna undergoing sexual transformation – VP singh still fits the bill!!

  4. Vijay says:

    @Bach: All cong guys will be fit for the role

  5. Latest news is that there is an entrance test for the role of Shikhandi.. open to all the national level actors. To be scrutinied by Krishna player.

    But Karna and Shakuni are bringing in a no-confidence motion against the slated Krishna.. They want to increase the no of Shikhandis and pitch in reservation to some of them to get the transparancy in the selection process and bring in a social security to the deprived.

    Considering the sentiments of Sikhs and other minorities, new characters, other than the planned above list are included.

    Dhrutarashtra : MM Singh
    Dronacharya : Jaffer Sharief.

    There is this change demanded by the Yudhishtir protagonist(laluji) in the casting. He threatens if this is not done, to pull out his troupe of the LOC.

    Suggested changes most likely to be included are :

    Gandhari : Mayavathi
    Hidimba : Rabri

    And the rest is a history 😉

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