High School Chronicles – Ane pataki

High school days provide the fun and thrill that is equivalent to only KG kids saga. Here in our case we had 2 sections in 8th standard – A for Kannada first Language and B for Sanskrit first language. The kannada gang were near adventure loving folks and we used to only be happy hearing all their adventures.

N.C.S as he was abbrivated – Shri Sathyajit Rao was the Physics meshtru in our school. He was the one who decided the distance between earth and all other plantes, its temperatures etc. NCS was very cool person from outside but famous for his short temper. Once seniors told us the legacy where in he used the duster from dias straight as a dart at the nose of a student who was talking while he was writing something on the board.

It was near February when NCS sir ran out of time and some equations were pending. We all knew if there was special class, that means those equations were found in the question paper. Both A & B sections were combined and NSS started off his 2 hour special class.

Ravi was the theete lead in A section. Having been pampered with a medical store business, he found it un-interesting to study at all. Very recently he had purchased some crackers ( pataki) for Naraka chaturdashi and decided to use the full class room for his ultimate pranks.

NCS was lecturing about the mass, acceleration etc and writing the equations on the black borad, near 90 students were squeezed in all forms and corners including the floor. There was feverish notes taking so that those answers could be mugged up, written in paper chits for exam. Very few could actually understand why or what acceleration, mass , velocity meant in day to day life as none aspired to be drivers of either BMTC buses or Farrari cars.

The moment of truth was greeted with a loud bang – some body had ignited a ‘ane pataki‘ under the last bench – guided by the able Ravi. The sound in the enclosed class room filled with pungent smell of sulphur added the necessary disco effect with only blinking lights missing.

Dear NCS sir complimented by blinking and his immideate responce was to shout “Yaro adu?” meaning who did it. As it is said that every dark cloud has a silver lining, the class fell deaf with the ringing noise of cracker still in ears. NCS walked with thumping heart beats which could be heard by everybody. Some of them closed their eyes expecting some blood spill to happen.

Nothing happened. NCS sir was so high in anger he was just trembling and rasping for breath. He asked “who did it?” – this time he shouted with the amplyfying method used by Ravi. Nobody dare open their mouths as Ravi would make life hell for those “opening up”.

NCS walked out saying “sayire…nimage yaru hodkothare“. Die all of you – i dont care whether you pass or fail. This exit brought the most feared dragon of the school. The princy himself – Mr Keshavan.

Keshavan was known for his corporal methods – mostly for his innovative punishments. He asked a couple of times then passed his predetermined judgement like tendulkars square cut – “All of you will kneel down in the halls till truth comes out”.

It was quite harsh to kneel down – 1st hour we wanted the tourture to end some how. Lakshmi miss – the drawing teacher laughed loudly who did not have the guts to torture or complain to princy. Like it was Draupadhis laughter which ignited Dhuryodhan to enact the saga of mahabaratha, most of the guys ploded saying – ravi helbido please.

We use to slacken and sit. When ever there was a period change, we used to stand on kneels this worked till afternoon when lunch was denied and princy came with a threataning ruler and said “I give one last chance – if you tell me now, i can pardon you”. We all knew what “pardon” meant with a ruler.

Lunch period passed and when many were about to fall sick due to heat and lack of food, by 3pm, princy came with NCS and said “kone chance kanro, Ravi yaru madiddu helo“.

Shuddering sudhindra and gang looked at Ravi and gave the game away. That was enough for the enraged princy to thrash ravi black and blue. He was suspended from class for 1 week. Finally Ravi came with his father who apologized and gave a letter.

Today Ravi runs the famous Ravi medical stores and earns good money and is still up to his old pranks. We studied and work like donkeys with all work and no fun.

Its upto the readers to come up with the moral of the story.


6 Responses to High School Chronicles – Ane pataki

  1. praneshachar says:

    Ane pataki; sidisiddu sakkatttagide
    nijavaglu idu meshtrige tale bisi madirbeku
    yakapa i tarle classgalannu combine madi
    special class togobekaagittu
    chronicles odi namma school days jnapaka
    barutte keep updating it is nice to read

  2. Vijay says:

    Mohan: Which school was this?

  3. VIjay,
    Acharya Pathashala Boys High School.

  4. Prashanth M says:

    APS andre adara kathene bere bidi saar… 😀

  5. Vani says:

    Oho Mohan, you are APS product? Parvagilla….giving stiff competition to Vijaya High School in Pranks….

  6. Vani, Prashanth

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