One Rupee

Possibly this was a princly amount in my father days. But today this Indian rupee is battered badly. So badly, that most people refuse to accept this notes as legal tender.

When I recently got a 1 rupee note as change from mandya, I was escatic and showed everybody this currency at home since its so cute and you cant find them in Bangalore. Mother said – good but whats the use nobody will accept it here – why did you take it? This was news to me!

The petrol bunk vendor refused to take it saying “yaro thagollala sarrrr…”.

Now according to RBI reports, this is still legal tender and refusal to accept this is punishable under law upto 6 months simple imprisonment. But who is listening?


23 Responses to One Rupee

  1. rk says:

    last week, ‘adigas’ (next to my office) gave me a 1 rupee note. i gave it to a milk guy. aaramaaagi odaadthide antha kaanatthe.
    there is a “One Rupee” park near my house. kids can play uyyale, see-saw, jaaro bande by paying ondh rupaayi. have seen the guy with a few 1 Re. notes.

  2. rk says:

    and just now saw a new ONE RUPEE COIN with JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN’S face which will act as TAILS whenever we put the TOSS!

  3. RK,
    strange that my bangalore south is behaving this way!! So, heads you win tails JP wins! thanks.

  4. Coins are still in the roll…what about notes? I havent seen them in years 😦

  5. Prasanna Sastry says:

    One Rupee note is a unique one which only owned by the Govt of India and hence the Finance Secretary Has his signature embedded in it unlike in all wherein the Gov of RBI has his signature.

    Hence more value shud be given to it.

  6. Prashanth M says:

    Donno about B’lore but its still in use in Kunigal

    PS: Its been a long time since I used cash for transactions in B’lore – its online transfers or cards or now a days Sodexho coupons!!

  7. Srik,
    Same here and getting surprising results though with notes.

    sastry sir,
    Thanks for this info. I will tresure this note then.

    Most people slog to earn money, never feel it , touch it, see it but spend it!! What a irony!!

  8. praneshachar says:

    ondu rupayi not kanadante mayavaito
    kanadante mayavagide namma ondu rupai
    kanadante mayavagide
    alli illi innu odadata ideidu nija ondu rupai note
    sikkre kapadi jopanavaagi idi sir nimma mundina
    gaenerationge nodlikke sigliu yarige gottu adakke
    avara samayadalli sakkat bele saha sigbahudu

  9. pegasus says:

    dude the rupee just appreciated by 10%.. and soon it will break the 40 mark

  10. Praneshachar,
    sure words!!

    ooh you are getting confused over rupee value vis a vis other currencies. Am talking about the uprchasing power of actual 1 Re. There are not many things you can do with 1 Re today.

    Offcourse, RBI will wait till rupee hits 41 mark. The current problem is recently RBI had initiated few steps to control inflation consisting of PLR ratio increase, interest rates moderation etc.

    Now its a double wammy for India. Unless RBI releases indian currency and buys back US green backs, rupee keeps getting stronger and exports become less.

    IF it does buy back then rupee depriciats, exports pick up and inflation control goes haywire..

    this is the global village of money markets.

  11. pegasus says:

    //Unless RBI releases indian currency and buys back US green backs, rupee keeps getting stronger and exports become less.//

    oh my god! do not tell me you also believe in this crap????
    question export form what percentage of indian economy?

    This logic of artificially lowering the rupee might work in China where the growth is fueled by exports… but indian growth story is fueled by internal consumption… and what RBI is doing is to kill it

  12. bachodi says:

    Do you have it with you ? Please keep it with you. One day it could fetch you thousands of bucks in auction.

  13. Prashanth, Atleast think about those beggers, do you expect them to keep the swiping equipments… they can’t say only if the transaction is above some limit alve ?

    When ever I find the lower denomination notes, I keep it with them… specially I love the new notes.. 🙂
    We can probably keep them to show it to our next gen also!

  14. Bachodi,Veena
    Yes. Even 25Ps coins..they are nice and have fond memories for me. I agree with veenas words. Today we cant see nayapaisa etc which is in 8th std maths books!

    Its actually a fact – look at stock market falling because earnings of IT segment which is the main dollar earner is going to reduce.

    true. Indian exports are very less – the raising dollar ensures even that single digit export is wiped out and impact is many industries close and people loose jobs. If you try to discount that export , no one can spend any money on capital account since you dont have dollars for that!

    Indian scene is a very classical one – many parameters which even text books dont have need to be studied to fully understand the impact. All these talks become a big zero with 50% black money economy!

  15. Syam Sundar says:

    Sir, In Dehradun City, no body accepts the .25 paise coins, -50paise coins. I have now taken up the matter with the RBI. I feel that RBI has to give paper notifications, and send its own inspectors/officers on surprise checks to various shops, whether they accept 0-50 paise and -25 paise coins are not. Who ever refuses to accept, cases should be booked against them, at least once in a week, ( one case) and must give paper/press release of the case. All banks should be provided with sufficient coins. I feel very sorry for the state of affairs, here in Dehradun, -25 paise coin, and 50paise coins disappeared here totally. RBI is only responsible for improving the situation.

  16. ravikumar says:

    If nobody accepts the 1 re note and any other old indian currency notes, pls call me i am ready to take it, i am a hobby collector of coins and notes in bangalore, i would be glad to have it collected. pls contact me on bangalore

  17. das says:

    hi every body,
    iam frm bangalore… i hav around 20 one rupee notes hopefully very old
    …if any body wants to hav it, u can call me at is no 9901052626…

  18. i ahve roe one rupee finance sectary signiture and i have old one rupee coins peacock notes deer notes etc

  19. my timeing are 10-30 to 130 pm 6 to 10 pm my mobile number is 9393044490

  20. nitin says:


    i have many 1 rs note
    i want sale ok
    u call me 9351319717
    i have 1957 1966 71 72 73 to 94

  21. Rajesh Kumar says:

    1 Rupee Coins are still used in Bangalore and widely accepted

  22. parvez siddique says:

    I have a collection of 1 Ruppes of 1951,1957,1963,1967,1969,1973,1976,1978,1980,1981,1984,1985,1986,1987,1989,1990,1991,1992,1994. want to sell it 09630042995.

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