Its enough Let me Go…

This were the exact words spoken by the frail Ex PM of India – Mr Vajpayee.

Kudos and may his tribe of politicians increase – not that am professing any of the jokers party there but when men get young at 80’s to warm the chairs as long as possible, here is another politician just after MP Prakash of Karnataka choosing to retire from active politics.

Here is a wish list to entice all above 50’s political nethas to take volutnary retirement from active and passive politics.

a) Provide 30 days of food free of cost per quarter for the retireing politician. This should be preferabaly pilferred from public distribution system.

b) Provide them with free shelter free of cost for one family only ( now a days they seem to have multiple wives and children) at abondend flats like Asian games village, HUDCO completed projects. They should sign an agreement that they will sign the daily register and not sublet it or sell it till death.

c) Provide them with free travel in Road transport corporation buses ( ordinary) and ban any local transport to help them at all. Rail and air is strictly prohibited.

d) Provide for them to share their knowledge in local schools. Using the slogan “catch them young and watch them grow”, they can train young ones under their eyes to become nethas like them for future.

e) Provide them medical assistance using Government Hospitals and Ambulance and ensure they are treated by the ‘specialists’ in the hospital.

f) Provide them active lifestyle by posting them for a month along with the army to understand how their decisions to take bribe and kill these men affect the bright jawans.

The list is big and know that readers can contribute more….


3 Responses to Its enough Let me Go…

  1. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan Sir, You fogot the main thing. Ask them to submit the passport to the RPO and will be given only if they are travelling abroad for a max of 60 days validity.

  2. pegasus says:

    have some respect for vajpayee ji

  3. Sastry sir,
    🙂 I forgot the recent trend of money making..sure.

    Atleast vajpayee has the courage to stand up and say “leave me alone”. Definetly he is to be saluted for it. Just look closer home at mannina maga on the wrong side of 80 – wants to become the VP still.

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