2 Customer care officers, 1 debit card

One fine April, IcIcI Bank decides to bestow all its customers a brand new debit card which has enhanced security features free of cost ( INR 99 is charged per annum – mind you)

The major security feature is the back of the debit card 16 digits are boxed into alphabets based on which customer can do money transfer to other accounts!! This is down right stupid and silly.

Suddenly one email informed me that a debit card dispatched had been returned as address was not found! Somehow its strange to believe that when every other mails come to the address including the same banks cheque books, the previous cards – suddenly bluedart the esteemed courier service decides that there is no such address at all!

I would have cared less but this debit card has a great security feature by which you dont need to enter personal identification number (PIN) which is mandatory for all other debit cards. It simply meant even the peon at the branch or a unscruplous delivery boy can make merry with my money – Till date ICICI does not have an answer why this is so.

Fuming, frustrated after 8 minutes of customer care indifference, finally got to the live human being behind. The system is so beautifully designed, would like to throttle the genius who has hidden the human behind the automatic phone banking system so successfully.

The customer care officer regretted as usual – like air hostess welcoming you onboard the aircraft and said, sir, can I re-issue and send it to nearest bank branch?. With no other options and nightmares of my savings going to somebodies hand – i nodded. I requested them to send me an email once the delivery to BTM layout branch is done. He said it will come in 7 days sir. The card takes 7 days to travel from mumbai to bangalore on the best courier service in India – bluedart – How about that?

12 days passed, no email and tracking it, customer care was found this time in 4.5 minutes flat. I was given a airway tracking number that card has been dispatched and told you can check out the status if you want – some customer care that was.

At the end of my teters, checked the bluedart website and put in the waybill number, alas – it said no such number existed. Perspiring, I called customer care of blue dart this time and requested for the status. The minute I blurted out the airway bill number the polite voice on other side asked “Is this an ICICI debit card sir?”.

I was floored. What tracking system? By number they are able to tell contents. I literally nodded thanking God. She said, probably with a smile “sorry sir, there is no such shipment but ICICI has been giving its customers such wrong numbers – we have logdged a complaint against them for this”.

Seething with rage that the bank had duped me with a wrong number, I waited for 9 minutes for customer care to come on. I asked to be connected to the manager in charge of the customer care. With the blessings of Lord narasimha – my tone conveyed that “dont mess with me” and was immideatly put through to one lord.

I just had enough of the care they had taken and asked them to take back the card as am cancelling the account. Politely the manager took my mobile number and confirmed that the airway bill number was indeed genuine. Later I found his words to be true. I didnt have energy to scream at bluedart again. Promptly the card landed within 4 hours at my home.

The questions are the same – why did 2 customer care personall misleed the customer, why did the courier not attempt delivery in the first place?, how were they able to do it after complaint flat in 4 hrs?

If anybody out there related to ICICI or Bluedart management is reading this – please buckle up your services before customers start leaving you.

This is an employee of ICICI group company who was serviced!!! Guess its apathy for ordinary customers?


12 Responses to 2 Customer care officers, 1 debit card

  1. Vijay says:

    Mohan: Shocking !!! The customer is taken for granted..

  2. Cuckoo says:

    Pathetic situation. This is India. The customer care has long way to go..

    Almost same thing happened with me last year but the bank was Citibank. And now HDFC is having a gala of time by troubling me for some of the issues.

  3. pegasus says:

    half asleep, i was reading…
    same thing happened to me….
    this is typical…..
    more rambling…..
    blah blah blah…

    and then
    “This is an employee of ICICI group company who was serviced!!! ”

    No comments…. me perfectly quiet and fully awake

  4. bachodi says:

    I am currently undergoing the same ( till the sixth paragraph ). they told i will be sent with an sms… waiting for it.

  5. bachodi, Cuckoo
    Take care. There is absolutely no control over what these chaps do. Just yesterday night once more customer care called to say they have my card. Frustrated I asked them to destroy it.

    Thanks for the “no comments” 🙂

    In India – customer care is an accident.

  6. neel3 says:

    Iseeeyeseeye people once ‘gifted ‘ an addon card to my spouse.
    It was in a name other than mine!!
    Luckily for him the name was a minutely different one.So ‘we’ could surmise that it was a typo!

  7. Neel3,
    🙂 Lucky you! It was only misspelt name, they change many things including addresses at time!


    Dear sir,
    I want to know about ATM CARD, I heav read in gujarat samachar news paper ICICI Bank taken charges for more than six tranjection with in 3 month, That is true pl given information and give mail address for general custmar care service.
    thanking you,

  9. saurabh says:

    I can expect such things to happen from ICICI…

    my story is a lil diffrent and so is the end (actully its still on…)

    I have this airtel number that i am using for past 1 year. I started receiving calls after a month from ICICI bank’s two-wheeler loan department that somebody by name MR. Ramji Sing (supposedly the one with same mobile number that I have at present) has taken a loan and not paid his dues.

    Its been almost a year.. and i have to bear the apathy of ICICI bank’s collection department.

    I have repetedly telling ICICI bank and even the guys who call me… that the Ramji might have changed the number and now its mine… but all my words fall on deaf ears.

    I just cannot change the number. The only question I have for ICICI is Do they ever in their life update the database… and what reply the recieve when calling a customer (this case… its me). How can a bank not update the feedback and trace the defaulter by his contact address… I am sure they are going to call this number even 5 years from to check if Mr.RAMJI SINGH is available or not.

    I have least respect for ICICi bank… and nither do I have at present nor will I have ever in my lifetime, bank or initiate any relationship with them.

    I mean this sort of carelessness is not acceptable…. but customers as an individual can not do anything… 😦

  10. safuan says:

    so, how long it take for the whole process of getting the debit card?

  11. LymnWemaPam says:

    Good website:D I will definitely come back again soon=D

  12. Great write up, bookmarked, will be back soon. Because this was a great post, keep up the great work .

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