Celebrating the 100th Post

Take this occassion to thank all the readers who have commented and made this journey very intersting. Its been a fast 100 posts in a quickfire 68 days!!

It all started by posting few things on our famous witty writer RK bellur’s site. This gave way to this mammoth effort.

Here is the moment to apologize to any folks who were un-intentionally hurt either due to dim witted posts or due to stomach pains induced by some bone jarring humor.

Thanks for all your readership and special mention to the Balaga members who are avid readers and contributors. There are other readers from the greatunknown to somebody!


16 Responses to Celebrating the 100th Post

  1. Prashanth M says:

    Wow!! thats almost 1.5 posts per day… and if you consider only working days – its 2 per day!

    way to go sir…

    PS: (PJ) No no, not that way, this way sir… 😛

  2. rk says:

    Feels very happy that you started at
    Rambling with Bellur and just took off and there was no looking back.
    I have loved reading each and every post here and hats off to your wit and wisdom.

    There are other readers from the greatunknown to somebody!

    Lovely way of putting it.

    Keep blogging in the same vein coz it improves our heallth.
    Thanks for mentioning about RK Bellur.

    Best wishes and regards

  3. This is super!!

    Congrats and well done.
    I have read all the 100 posts of King Rooster, not to mention, have enjoyed them all.

    Sometimes there was no energy left in me to say something, i mean after reading the posts. Those were ultimate humours.

    Keep writing, keep us hooked….All the best.

  4. pegasus says:

    congrats.. so how big is your reader base?

  5. neel3 says:

    I wish our batsmen had been as prolific as you!!
    Your posts are like a cool shower of jasmine on a hot and humid day in Goa.
    Keep writing.

  6. praneshachar says:

    hardika shubhashyagalu shataka barisiddakke
    indian team world cupnalli hodide iddre yenaitu
    nodi namma balagadavaru century double century
    baristane iddare (soon ramblingwithbellur will reach 200
    mark as indicated by him) keep; going never look back
    all the best to you mohan
    mohanavagi madhuravagi bariyiri
    sihi sihi agi bariyeri
    khara kahara mareyri

  7. Vani says:


    And to think I started blogging before you, and havent even gotten to my half century yet…………… 🙂

    Congratulations on the Mile Stone, keep the posts coming.

  8. Vijay says:

    I wish the Indian team scored as much as your blogs/day… great going..

  9. TSSM says:

    Congrats on the quick fire century!

    If some one has stomach pains, then there is always the ‘castor oil HoLige’
    which can always deliver.

  10. some body says:

    “If some one has stomach pains, then there is always the ‘castor oil HoLige’
    which can always deliver.”

    and poor me was under the impression that the consumer delivered (in multiple ways)! 😉

    way to go mohan.

    – s.b.

  11. Cuckoo says:

    Congrats !! you are pretty fast. I started last July & I celebrated my 50th post sometime back.

  12. bachodi says:

    Wow… Congrats KingRooster. That was a quick century.

  13. greatunknown says:

    Congratulations Mohan! Here’s wishing you several hundreds more!
    It’s always a joy to visit your blog:)

  14. M O H A N says:


    I suppose quality of the posts are more important than centuries and hence value vanis blog on a higher scale. There are about 130+ hits per day to answer pegasus question.

    Jai hind.

  15. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan Avare keep going key board is mightier than AK47.

  16. Sastry sir,
    Thanks.I liked your statement! Its such a modern version of the old saying!

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