Laugh it out – 6

The wisden institute of analytics UK, found a strange behavioural pattern in war ragged Iraq. Earlier to Americans Gulf war, the Man allways walked with head held high, followed by his wife and lastly the Goat.

This scene after the war has given way to the Woman leading in front with head held low, The man following her with tilted head and the Goat at the end.

Very concerned analysts spoke to some locals and discovered the change. It seems the land was heavily mined by Iraqies fearing attack from american infantry. So the man doesnt want to risk his life anymore and asks his wife to walk in front of him. Alas!


10 Responses to Laugh it out – 6

  1. praneshachar says:

    Alas!! Alas~~~ Alas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a way to think and give way to lady to lead

  2. greatunknown says:

    I did an analysis of my own and found out that from the time Bush Jr. took over as Prez of USA to today, he has turned into a wicked, monstrous, ugly ape (no offence to the species!).

  3. shark says:

    and it’s “Laugh it out” ? 😦

  4. M O H A N says:

    It may not be even true! Dont take it so seriously pls.

    Apes may take offence if Jr is listed along with them!!!

    Alas yes. But in the crude world this may be true too

  5. neel3 says:

    Woman is the scapegoat,and man the turncoat??
    et tu husband??
    Till death do us apart anta antaaralla-adu till death does you apart(with my active help??)antanaa??

  6. M O H A N says:

    That may not apply to Iraq. They dont practice saptha padi, rather polygamy!. Anyways its a joke not reality.

  7. rk says:

    yenanna, oorallilva? illa yakka-makka bizeena?

  8. Vijay says:

    Why King Rooster silent?

  9. Vijay, RK
    The rooster is here! Back from a trip.

    Nice words – sad joke.

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