Chronicles – Learning Car Driving – 2

I started driving more and made mani very gleefull. Who will change clutch set, bearings, silencer to name a few in quick successions?. Soon I progressed from the 3 gear repotire to all the 4 available and used the reverse when ever necessary not with the same effect allways!

Progress meant and included vegetable buying trips on weekends to distant N.R.Colony with mom ( who else can volunter otherwise?). This gave way to solo trips to office on weekends. Finally the Learning Licence had just 7 days for expiry.

I still remember that odd thursday morning when I had to stand like a culprit near Nanda theatre road, waiting for the test Inspector. Since most driving schools get their own car for tests, I made the mistake of not taking my own car on that day.

The burly inspector was picked up from a nearby Darshini hotel where the stomach samaradhane had completed. The driving school instructor came driving the car with the Lord seated backside.

It just stopped in front of us and akin to a vegetable market, our names from Tomatoes to pumpkin was called rudely and we, in 4 some got into the cars for the ultimate test of life.

Lucky for me that 4 batches went for the test drive and me and one more guy were the last ones. By now, the inspector had filled his pockets too and bored at the driving antics of the trainees.

The car was in front of VGP show room in Jayanagar and I was asked to drive. I just got into driver seat and with full shtyle adjusted the mirrors, looked for the non-existent, non-fucntional seat belt… Gadi start madi saar said the instructor sitting next to me and talking to the inspector on some expired relative, to my shock just rammed the gear into first gear without even bothering to check if I had depressed the clutch pedal.

I loved my Maruthi so much that I considered it rude to even think of such things and here was the demonstration of how NOT to use gears by a teacher himself!!! After depressing the clutch I tried starting the car, the engine did not catch up.. The instructor glared at me and said, Half accelerator, half clutch haki start madi….

It later on dawned to me – it was much different to my own car, these training cars had been setup to save fuel. So one had to do half pressing of accelerator and slowly release clutch for normal movement. This was not clear at that point of time and the car jumped 2 times…

The inspector glared and said it out “Ennree starting e troubla? Innen gaadi odisthreo na bere kane“. His mobile rang and he spoke to somebody. He turned towards the instructor and said “ok. Paper kalisi, sign madthene“.

The instructor then pleded and said, “agihoytu sir, ivvro obbrene ivvathige“. All the Gods then blessed me I suppose, I got the half pedal business – being a quick learner at somebodies cost!, I eased the car skillfully and like a race driver took the first curve. The Inspector had done his duty and asked me to stop on the main road.

I skillfully signalled slowing down and stopped at curb. The Inspector got out and walked away to another waiting car from rival driving school. The instructor glaring at my antics due to which the driving school would have lost 400 Rs bribe, asked me to report to the driving school next day.

Finally I got my Driving Licence after 1 week.

What they teach at driving school is not even basic driving or steering. Its just an eye wash. God bless our car drivers at this rate. While the pupils drive for their killing jobs, the driving schools kills others for their jobs!!


7 Responses to Chronicles – Learning Car Driving – 2

  1. praneshachar says:

    Good end at last you got your DL
    Driving School business sir adu
    yella commerciallu
    namma jana namma desha namm kathe
    ide sir ide

  2. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohanavare, really great narration. What we learn in this Driving Schools are just the basics like how to Sync the Clutch and Accelerator, Applying all the 4 gears, Taking the left turn which is easier than the right turn and ofcourse getting a LLR without attending any tests and getting us the DL without owning a car.

    Once we buy a car we need a personal instructor who could guide us for atleast 15 days and he seated beside without any control on car 😀 , especially taking a right turn and when to stop while taking a revrese turn.

    Last thing we start driving properly is that we should hear some one saying ” DRIVING BARALA AADRU CAR MAIN ROAD GE THANDU BERE AVARIGE KAATA KODATHARE”.
    We repeat the same to some new learner when we are punters.

  3. Praneshachar,
    How would I leave the driving school with out DL, I would have driven them up the wall 😉

    Prasanna sir
    Thanks for the comment. Nice thing about swearing being cyclical – its very true.

  4. Very very good post.

    There is no second opinion about the driving schools and their teaching methods.

    Superb narration M O H A N.

  5. srik,
    thanks for the comments. The saga continues i suppose with new victims. Licence to kill!

  6. mubashar asghar says:

    information for driving licence

  7. IMRAN says:


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