Laugh it out – 5

The Witch doctor was quite popular going by the number of tribesmen who came to attend his weekly remedy solutions from far off red indian villages.

That particular day, their was a tribesman who bowed, greeted the great witch doctor. The Doctor with his typical sneer asked ‘What?‘. The tribesman with equal disdain said ‘Big Chief – No shit‘.

Nodding, the witch doctor gave him a vial of some medicinal decoction and told the tribesman. ‘2 spoons 2 times a day – come next full moon and let me know’.

The tribesman gave the decoction to his chief with the doctors advise. The Cheiftain found that the medicin helped only temporarily. In a moment of escatacy a brilliant idea passed through his mind and he emptied the entire casket in one go and burped. He had concluded that this would cure him for life time.
After full moon the tribesman did not come back to witch doctor. The good doctor sent for him and enquired. How?

The tribesman drawing figures on ground, with deep regret said ‘Big Shit – No Chief


One Response to Laugh it out – 5

  1. greatunknown says:

    I remember my father narrating this joke to peels of laughter from those around… ages ago!!!
    Thank you so much for reminding me of this:)

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