Voting for….

1) National Animal — Lalu pasand , Devva gowd, Karjun Singh

2) National Anthem — PM chore hai, Corruption everywhere, vote me get TV, Stena gana mana

3) National Cloth — Mandya jeens, Khakhi, Khavi

4) Natioanl speed record killing most humans — Shalman shame kan, Ali Khan pautadi,

5) National foot in mouth diseased — Sunny Gotaskar, By George

6) National Joke — GDP 8%/ without food people 89% , Litracy decrease / Fertility increases

7) National Dal — Akali DAal, Jhanatha Dal, Rashtriya Dhal

You can name your faviourite and vote. The Best category winners would be intimated by SMS and nominated to parliment.


2 Responses to Voting for….

  1. Vani says:

    Me votes for:

    National Animal : Lalu Pasand
    National Anthem: FM Chor hai
    National Cloth : Khaavi
    National Speed Record: Shalmane Khan
    National Foot in Mouth Diseased- By George
    National Joke — GDP 8%/ without food people 89%
    National Dal — Jhanatha Dal

    Please note, national anthem nalli ond sanna badalavane maadideeni, have put FM instead of PM….PM ond hasu thara……

  2. pegasus says:

    great selection.


    On hingsight I nornally would like to nominate all of them. They are equally bad in their own terms!!

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