Vital Nagaraj & IT company

Here is a take on Vital Nagaraj getting to be the CEO of a Top Information Technology Company. Here would be his priorities :

Statutory Warning : All names are copyrights of their respective owners and any resemblence is closely regretted.

  1. Ban writing in all languages except Kannada. For sake of clients all Asia Pacific will have crash courses in Kannada on Mondays, Europe and Americas on Tuesday, Gulf and Australia on Wednesday, Russia and Srilanka on Thursdays, Other countries on Fridays. Its mandatory revision on Saturday
  2. All operating systems etc will be re-implimented using Kannada. If Macrosoft does not agree, a dedicated,trained group of engineers will hold dharna in front of the Major vendor showing empty CD covers.
  3. There will be a uniform made out of Red and Yellow and is mandatory for all employees.
  4. Every non Karnataka employee will have to marry a localite if not he will be transferred to chennai branch as retaliation.
  5. Chennai branch will be closed.
  6. All employees automaticaly become Rakshana vedic memebers
  7. Every employee should look after one donkey as it may be required frequently for protests.
  8. The head office will be shifted from Bangalore to Chamarajanagar with immideate effect.

You can add more…


20 Responses to Vital Nagaraj & IT company

  1. Veena says:

    1. There is no VOIP’s & Telephone needed, anyway you are shouting most of the time… Wonder whether he knows even how to ‘just talk’ but should.

    2. Black glassses & a black topi is mandatory as dress code !!

  2. usha says:

    All company related newsletters, circulars, correspondence, manuals, product catalogues, demos etc will all be in Kannada. Other language people can use translators (With an idea of providing more employement opportunities for Kannada speakers as by default they will know minimum 4 languages)

  3. Vani says:

    ROTFL, Mohan…….

    Vital Nagaraj kade yavaru odidre ashte…and BTW, non-coperative employees ge chappli haara haaki donkey mele meravanige maadalagathe……and as a punishment avrige Kaaveri neeru supply nillisalaagathe.

  4. Veena, Usha, Vani,
    Good ones.. BTW there is a Nagraj Technologies in BSK… just wondering 😉

  5. mouna says:

    if visiting the jail, every now and then would not be a problem, u know, something like a visit to an aunt’s place 😉

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Veena says:

    Ask Vijay, he has lot of postings on his jobbuzz.. first I thought you are writing about it.. later realised 🙂

    Vijay , sorry if I have plugged in at wrong moment!

  7. neel3 says:

    VAAT to haaL next??
    Or VAAT to halt next??

  8. Cuckoo says:


  9. praneshachar says:

    bengaloor bandh kaveri bandh yella bandhge participate madidre avarige
    extra leave or special monthly allowance

  10. Praneshachar,
    Good comments!


    Welcome to this site from Rooster 😉



    Nagrajage kelsa kottre, vijay papa amale enn madthre, beda ree!


    Welcome to this site. That should be extra perks sans FBT 🙂 Keep visiting.

  11. Vijay says:

    How about riding a buffalo to meetings? .. sometimes a donkey..

  12. Veena says:

    ree Mohan naanu heLiddu Nagraj tech bagge ade BSK…

    Vijay, VAT ?.. do you know about chamaraja nagar ? this post is about that one.. praaNi meetings amele itkoLoNa…! 🙂

  13. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare,

    One more addition

    * we will be a part of every bundh move by opposition against govt and on that day its mandatory that employees and clients should show their solidarity .

  14. Vijay says:

    Veena: Havent you seen Mr. Vital riding buffaloes/donkeys as part of his protests? What does this have to do with Chamarajnagar????????????

  15. Veena says:

    Vijay, I haven’t noticed…
    I know you would ask this Question, watch udaya tv for local news not just cricket channels & BBC, NDTV you will know! 🙂

  16. Vijay says:

    I dont think Mr. Vital is shown on BBC.. so I DEFINITELY watch local TV.. I repeat.. nothing to do with Chamarajnagar..

  17. Veena says:

    Vijay, See point #8 on the original post.. okay okay you win.. happy! 🙂 ?

  18. Vani says:


    I do know about Nagraj technologies……for a long time I wondered if it was a fake company….nice to know it is still existing.

  19. Vijay says:

    Vani. . paapa ree Nagaraj tech is in bsk and has 200 people I think

    Then we would be making men out of buffalos and donkeys – thats quite degrading for those hardworking animals!

    Prani meetings – LoL .

    Sastry sir,
    Absolutely. There will be a calnder drawn up for bundhs and agenda will be circulated later through national dailies 😉

    These guys have somehow lasted the bubble burst with body shopping et all… Its very much visible and doing business.

  20. Ranjith says:

    i Being a kannadiga feel to be ashamed of this VATAAL`s behaviour…………………………… NAGRAJ Sucks my foot

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