Laugh it out – 3

Man calls Kirit Bhai Ji from Altanta and asks “Am in love with a white girl, me being an Indian – am in dilemma. My family is opposed to this marriage – please advice next steps.”

Bhaiji smiles and says there are 2 types of marriages.

One is debated, discussed and arranged by parents of the girl and boy – this is organized murder.

The other is boy and girl fall in love with each other – this is comitted suicide.

At the earliest possiblity, escape from this marriage or moha/maya is all that I can advice my son!


11 Responses to Laugh it out – 3

  1. praneshachar says:

    choose the better evil according to each ones taste
    good one mohan keep going
    we can laughbidbohodu laugh laugh

  2. praneshachar,
    Correctu sir. 🙂 Its a catch 22 situation.

  3. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan sir, Hindi nalli ondu olle gaahe ,


    Prakruthi Niyama no escape route

  4. M O H A N says:

    sastry sir,
    Escape route ide sir…ade sanyasathva! Thats what kirit bhai meant.

  5. Veena says:

    yaakri sumne youngsters na haaL maadtheera Mohan ? neev maathra gruhastaraagbiTTu, hudgurna sanyaasathvada kadege taLLodu nyaayanenri ? Vishwamitran tara aaytu 🙂

  6. Veena,
    Nice observation. But, this is advocated by Kirit Ji, not me. It was a LIVE programme when this happened.

  7. Sanjay M says:

    Good one mohan 🙂

    Swami Nityananda had joked that marriage is like a roller coaster, the guy inside it is dizzy screaming struggling to get out of it, and the fellow outside is looking at this guy, thinking he’s so thrilled that he also wants to get onto it!

    Veena don’t worry more… I’m not endorsing standing outside and speculating… In my opinion, sanyaasatva is probably good if the person really knows himself when he’s taking the decision (Though one can very easily assume one knows oneself, its actually easier said/assumed than actually done!)

    One disadv of sanyaasatva is that a man misses an important aspect of learning from a person who thinks very differently from him i.e. woman! He misses out on a vital thing – a 3rd person perspective of his own life which nobody else can possibly give him other than a life partner! (unless he manages to achieve that level of detachment by himself)

    Thanks. An interesting point to note in this aspect is all the great saints like kanakadasa, Sri Ramanujacharya et all were married initially and went on to become part of the gods themselves. So there is still options open!

    BTW sanjay at least 20% of guys on the block I know atleast are against marriage. Similarly most gals to the tune of 40% are not interested in marriage for various reasons. Sanjay – I disagree on that 3rd person perspective, the saint is no more in the worldly aspects. No body will question his dressing, movements, behaviour unless its derogatory of the robes he is wearing. There is the great example of Gargi, Sri Sharada devi who worked along with their husbends to reach the goal. The moral looks like – Sanyasashram is the best while the same is still achievable in grihasthashrama. Sorry for the long sermon though.

  8. Sanjay M says:

    made me recall a nostalgic cartoon from to marry or not to marry where I was speculating the same long ago… 😉

  9. Sanjay M says:

    ok, and btw wrt 3rd person perspective I was referrign to ordinary people (who yet have only seed of saint in them) and not saints.

  10. Cuckoo says:

    Nice one ! 🙂

  11. Sanjay,
    The 3rd eye opens now! 🙂

    Thanks. Keep visiting.

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