Its International Womans Day!

Woman occupies a special pedestal in the Indian context but world wide specific dates are set aside for remembering and celebrating every genere of such events. This is a salute to those hard working woman from Helen Keller to Florance nightingale, from Asha bhosle to Aishwaraya – I see a mother in every one of them.

True, we may not need one such dedicated day for woman and gifts,cards are modern marketing mania.

I still remember my principal in Industrial Training telling me in Social Science class how woman who were relegated to the home for centuries, on the advent of great depression had to come out and work – shoulder to shoulder with a man and go through agony only equalling modern torture observed in India called dowery.

These woman wanted to meet the cruel production norms on machinery which did not have an iota of safety mechanisum. He used to tell us stories of how woman would burn their hands, use bare hands to handle molten pig iron, skip food to meet the cruel production norms and swoon down in exhaustion – all to feed her kids and family.

Every year, the united nation sets a theme and for 2007 it is Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls

You can get more information here.

May the female virtue in the manliness rise to protect and shower the loving deeds once again!


2 Responses to Its International Womans Day!

  1. True. Women play a huge role in shaping the man. And we must understand that a man will have that faminine aspect in him which is his strength.

    I tried highlighting that strength in one here

  2. Srik
    True. Latest trends and scientific analysis show that Man is inheriting all female qualities and females are inherting male qualities.

    Thats why Mast. Hiranniah used to tell in his plays “Hengasara herige asphathre”…

    No doubts about their caring and loving ways…

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