This post is mostly boring, can bring about awareness and some times dangerous to dictators.

Ego or the short form of this disease is ‘I‘. If not for this ego, the homo sapiens may not have evolved and survived. Its quite important that we fight for scarse resource even if it means we troad upon, kill and humiliate fellow beings. If used in minute and diluted forms this is good for health and helps us survive.

Am more worried about the high amounts of ego present in our lives. In fact our great seers have procliamed Ahankara as one of the elements along with Moha, mathshyra leading to all the probmes in life.

Let me analyze how this works. Moha means attachment. This makes a person craves for that object. This starts from a childs suckling habit of mother itself. When these attachments continue this leads to Ahankara. The ahankara is a signal that you are going to relinquish all your achievements. Matsarya starts when this object is present with somebody else.

The essence of the entire vedhas as put forth by Sri Sukhabodananda is extremly clear in this aspect. Swami states that the main thing vedhas are trying to tell you is to donate or give dhaana. You need to first learn to start giving away all the things you pocess. Because, ultimately you have to surrender and give away your Ahankara which is the toughest of all deeds!

This Ahankara has not left out even our great Manasa Muni , Bramhaputra Narada maharshi. There is a great detail of how once Narada belives that he is the greatest worshipper of Lord and gets caught in his maya or moha leading to Ahankara.

Once am able to give up the ownership of the deed, Ahankara gets killed.

If you take a piece of paper and write down all our problems – we can easily mark near 85% of them are related to our Ahankara.

The more you control it, the better for yourself otherwise when Ahankara takes control of you – no one has survived that without some learnings!.

The gist of Sri bhagavadgita is to surrender to the the supreme, the best of best you have – your Ahankara, your Moha, your Mada, your matsarya. Not 201 crores dimond studed kirita or punool to lord.

Obviously please dont give up and say I can NOT do it. Even small percentages will improve your overall lifestyle to a great extent. For those people planning this after retirement – sorry you can forget it.


6 Responses to I

  1. Veena says:

    I got a mixed feeling reading thru the post. looks like a bodhane, but I personally think in our indian society its all inculcated from our childhood.

    Atleast in middle class family, nange eegle scooter beku is a desire & eega kodsokkaagalla is burning it..

    I would like to experience the multiple facets of life & not just surrender my desires & possessions.. I would help my kids also do this.. 🙂

    Suresh has a different concept which I just loved it & it sounded little practical that way.. Nice post Mohan…! I keep reading sukhabodaananda books too & Chanakya neeti too…

    nanna capabilities ge naanu enaadru maaDaballe is an EGO, adannu maadade iruvude surrendering annisutte nanna definition prakaara.

    I consider me as one who possess plenty of it 🙂

  2. Veena says:

    you can see so many ‘I’s in the above comment also 🙂 what a data!!

  3. Veena,
    Thanks you liked it. Your second post confirms that the post has initiated the needfull. But a small correction thou –

    a) You need to understand and realize your capabalities
    b) Do each of those capabilities you have but Dont claim ownership
    c) Leave the fruits of labour to god dont expect anything to come towards you

    This is the gist retold! 🙂

  4. neel3 says:

    Sub-part b) is of special interest to me—
    Do each of those capabilities you have but Dont claim ownership

    idu c) ge naandi

    beautifully put.

  5. Neel3,
    Thanks for the comments. Hope we can ALL use these in our lives.

  6. Scot Gavles says:

    This is like my sixth time visiting your homepage. I always fond of the content and the way you write. Very smooth and instructive at the same time .

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