Conned by the Drugs

Recently, had shared my experiences with how drugs are named essotrically and one of our good friend Veena pointed out a good point which could be difference between life and death.

Junior used to get lots of cold and bouts of fever. Nise was the most favoured receipe both with the good Doctor and Junior. But recent articles on the web stated that this was banned by USA and Europe. It was used only in Africa, Bangladesh,India. Even Sri Lanka had banned it.

I confronted the good doctor and on first attempt, he brushed away saying all those reports are nonsence and those trails are conducted on selected patients and control data is not shared. But I insisted that something else be given and Ibuprofen was prescribed.

Next visit, the doctor wrote Imol and said the same bad things about Nice including it getting banned. What a heart change! It seems he followed up with my details and found it to be true only IMA (indian medical association) had to approve this fact.

The truth is most of our educated doctors out there dont get latest update on drugs which are all about money making. Killing odd patients be damned! The technology which is at the fad end is dumped on Asia just before it dies out. This is true for drugs and your latest electronic gizmos too.

The doctors are enticed with gifts, foregin trips aka sponsered seminars et all and the prescption is written. I was aghast at the misinformation one experienced physician of many decades with MBBS and FRCS told me – “Dont take inhaled steriods instead use Branchodialtors. On problem for emergency use the steriod inhealers”. This is against the common wisdom of how these drugs function!

Many foreginers ask why does India have so many Gods? My answer is that all these Gods are still insufficient to save poor patients who die of ignorance at the hands of licenced killers.

Here is a list compiled by my good friend which you can avoid like poision ( brand names in brackets).

Analgin(Novagin), Cisapride(Ciza,Syspride), Droperidol (Droperol), Furazolidone (furoxone, lomofen),Nimesulide (Nise,Nimulid), Nitrofurazone (furacin), Phenolphthalfin (Agarol) , Phenylpropanolamine (Dcold, Vicks action 500), Oxyphenbutazone (Sioril),Piperazine (piperazine), Quiniodochlor (Enteroquinol)

This is based on general information passed around. Please add to list and let the patients get a reprive.


5 Responses to Conned by the Drugs

  1. pegasus says:

    worse still people out here use self medication… you can just walk into any medical store and purchase any drug u want and in any quantity.

  2. neel3 says:

    most medical personnel(includind researchers )are using the whole biotic community like one big guinea pig.
    Each weekly supplement on Science gives out “latest Scientific “study results–chocolate is good for heart,good for teeth,good for ____
    I think all such studies and papers published thereafter are good only for those who sponsor!!
    A little dose of hittala gida ,a little diet(pathya prescribed by ajji)
    a big dose of prayer , exercising and Almighty’s blessing are the best alternative–ideally.
    In an emergency though–
    doctors are necessary–
    like exams.

  3. Pegasus,
    Agree with you – Have seen the pharmacist give 2 days antibiotic dosage!. The tragedy is that most people in India – a few millions can not afford a doctor and many times even the simple antibiotics which could save kid lives. Between devil and death they choose the devil. But with the kind of ignorance most physicians display there should not be much to worry about. Thanks.

    Exactly. Most upward mobile people (pun intended) are also unaware of these issues. Your prescription is to be printed and pasted on every wall. Thanks.

  4. praneshachar says:

    great post on a subject which is heartburning. we have got
    qualified doctors and added misery is no. of quacks who practice
    and make fast buck. they make merry while epidimics hound the
    people, like chickengunya ( report of these making hay in chitradurga
    shown in crime diary may be little exaggarated ) but fact reamins it is true.
    these fake doctors are in abundance to cheat/treat people who can not
    afford to go to multispeciality hospitals or even private practioners who charge hefty fees.
    NEEL 3 you have said golden words
    “A little dose of hittala gida ,
    a little diet(pathya prescribed by ajji)
    a big dose of prayer , exercising
    and Almighty’s blessing are the best
    wonderful dose

  5. M O H A N says:

    Yes, quacks are another problem all togather. But the main problem is the primary health guides are acting as quacks due to lack of data and power of money. I shudder the thought of a person in rural india if this is the case in urban areas.

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