Interview Q & A

1. Tell us something about yourself

Ans: My name is xxxx…. Ends at my friend told me there is an opportunity here.

Real Ans: How do I know. I never had time to sit and think until you popped it up now.

2. What are your qualifications?

Ans: I have done my graduation with this as a major subject and planning to do post graduation soon.

Real Ans: I have studied and studied but still not understood.

3. This will require long working hours. Are you sure?

Ans: Wow, Yes I do. Time is not a constraint at all.

Real Ans: I need this job quite badly. Lets see once we get on to the boat.

4. Tell me your strengths and weaknesses

Ans: My strengths are blah blah and weakness blah blah.

Real Ans: Dude you think I am such a fool to fall for this and tell you myself? You will need to figure it out and when you complete it, I will be in another company

5. The job requires lots of traveling – is it ok

Ans: Right. That should not be a problem at all.

Real Ans: Yes , why do you think I pay my frequent flier club card? For keeps? No getting away from this lousy job is top priority.

6. You need to be role model and lead from front

Ans: Off-course, leaders are there to show way for other people

Real Ans: Leader – my foot. The first decision taken by me will be white washed in public and expect me to do such nonsense. Those are left to other people. I only follow policy and protocol to ensure office politics don’t get at me.

7. Why do you want to change your job now. very well settled?

Ans: Just wanted to improve my domain knowledge. You are one of the top 10 companies blah blah

Real Ans: I badly need a hike – much more than that stupid 7% and also found that I am in the bottom 5% list to be fired soon.

7. Any questions from your side?

Ans: I was interested in your diversification into Public aviation from finance …

Real Ans: As long as my salary is credited at end of month, I don’t care what business you are in.

Am sure we all have many more such standard questionnaire to help our brothern,sisters….


6 Responses to Interview Q & A

  1. praneshachar says:

    very good set of standard Q&A and answers in BOLD very nice one in mind and other in lip. it is only to impress the person and sneak into it
    wonderful and had a good laugh after a hectic meeting in the morning.
    good tonic to proceed further.

  2. Vani says:


    One of the questions I hate the most! And most of the time, these answers, or slight variants would be running through my head, whenever I am in the interviewee’s chair.

    When I am on the opposite side, and hear my colleagues and Boss asking such questions, I see various emotions flipping through applicants’ faces, and I imagine what they might be thinking of, while answering the usual qustions.

    Good one, showcasing the futility of these questions.

  3. Veena says:

    nimma maganna devare kaapaDbeku.. yaakri inta ideas ella kodtheera 😉

    Jokes apart, when the person explains about themself, sometime I see those guys talk about their members & the need for them to get the job..
    the interviewer (like me 🙂 ) may get emotionally moved & be biased declaraing their selection…

    At the end of the process, we need to select the better candidate ultimately!!

    en ee naduve interview post gaLu, are you an interviwee or interviewer mohan ??

  4. Praneshachar,
    Glad you had a good laugh.

    Most of the questions are so out dated, these are the only answers we will get! In fact, there are better ways of understanding a person than ask the most ackward question which is no 1 on the list.

    Maga odalla bide. In fact avrella innu eneno mathadthare… i dont need to give him ideas 🙂
    Most interview related experts tell one thing – do not ask that stupid question no 1 on the list here. This puts off a potential candidate and creates un-necessary tension. Your company has one of the best trainings on how to do an interview and select a person.

  5. Prasanna Sastry says:


    I got some clues atleast how the Answers should be if not the Real ones.

  6. Sastry sir,
    Hope you get that job and give me a parrty! 🙂

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