Gandhi & Tele calling

We all know how absurd, uninteresting and irritating the tele callers are on our mobiles. Here is a random pitch at Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi taking a mobile call :

T: Hello can I speak to Mohandas

G: Hello. Sorry my father is not here anymore…

T: No problem sir, whom am I speaking to

G: This is Gandhi here, Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi.

T: Sir are you in town sir

G: Yes my dear. Why do you ask?

T: Ok. Would you like to subscribe to our Health insurance scheme? We have it for all ages

G: Health insurance. So I need to die to get that money?

T: No sir, in case you get any admission to hospital, we will re-imburse up to policy limits

G: (Confused) you mean I need to pay money in Government hospital.

T: (chuckling) No sir, this is for private treatment. Government hospitals are free

G: Thank God, I am hale and hearty. I would not need it.

T: Fine sir how about personal loan upto 10 laks in 48 hrs sir

G: Bappre bap..why do I need money of that nature. I am not a king.

T: No just in case you need urgent money to pay for that car or that new plasma TV

G: I will only buy with money I have… I don’t need those

T: We also have good savings scheme

G: (Clearly getting irritated) My child, how old are you?

T: Why sir am 19

G: You should be in college studying all about our great history and other things

T: Am doing that sir, but this is part time call center work for pocket money

G: Tsk. Tsk. You should stop earning money and devote yourself to good studies. Money will follow.

T: Sorry. But I need to pay my credit card, have borrowed badly…

G: Credit card – in your age?

T: Yes initially credit card was given based on this income and now this income is used to pay that credit card dues..

G: Tsk Tsk what kind of parents do you have – who let their children work for education

T: They both separated 4 years back (sob)

G: My child calm down… All these should not happen

T: Just to help my credit line sir will you at least buy McDowells Mutual funds

G: Hey Ram!

T: Sir, Gandhi sir … are you out there?


4 Responses to Gandhi & Tele calling

  1. pegasus says:

    amazing. post simple but hilarious

  2. Prashanth M says:

    hilarious .. and the sad truth… 😦

  3. praneshachar says:

    good one enjoyed reading it very hilarious

  4. M O H A N says:

    Pegausus, Prashanth, Preaneshachar,

    Glad you liked it.

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