Jobs – Get them!

It was sad to see young, able bodied men in prime youths committing suicide by drinking poison on live media, a couple of days back. The auspicious time they had chosen was to conclude with the visit of president APJ to their village. The prime reason – No jobs. The result: 2 dead and 3 survived the ordeal.

No body is useless or job less. One needs the right mental strength to get a job.

Here is a step-by-step methodology for getting that job. Due to demand supply patterns, one need to get the job rather than waiting for the job to come to you.

Phase Search

Prepare a resume listing out all your positives in that chronological order. Next, make a list of prospective companies, which have openings like this. Spread the word in your friend’s circle, relatives that you are looking for a job. The strength of your network here is more important than your pride.

Most companies get a vacancy here and there in which case they do not want to advertise and go through a costly process of selection. They tend to check out their near and dear ones circle for such a suitable candidate. This is where your network helps you.

You can also force a job by personally visiting such possible companies. The problem here would be the front office receptionist who would just collect your resume and tell you the “we will get back to you”.

Politely say you would like to meet the HR manager/executive and talk so that you can put across your value proposition. Many a times, this does work miracles and you get an interview. Here list out that you are a fresher and why you are interested in the job. You may need to initially attend training and send out the message that job is more important than anything else. If lady luck smiles, you got your first job!

If your resume lists out all the skills you can bring to the job – you are slated for an interview from the resume dropped at reception.

Draw out a comprehensive area-by-area plan and visit the companies. Don’t give up hope. Treat each day as new day, a new opportunity. Don’t let your mind idle. Read up books related to your area of interest. Quoting those great books in your interview get you brownie points. As it’s said, Thomas Alva Edison tried 999 different metal before tungsten was used as filament in the common bulb!

Phase Interview

Dress yourself comfortably. Check out the official website, talk to employees if you have any friends there. There are biases in every organization/person.

They say interview is a process by which both the persons understand each other’s point of view and mutual contributions.

Physiologically, most interviewers tend to select those people who mirror or complement their views and ideas. This is the differentiator initially. So try to talk only what interests the interviewer. If for example you get to know the interviewer is a sworn follower of Mr X, you have to be so.

This reminds me of a very old movie by Amol Palekar called Gol Mal redone in many regional languages. It’s true and does work. If you are able to successfully mirror the interviewers body language, tone and emotions – you got the job!

These are simple, time-tested techniques, which give results to any fresher with the right attitude and mind. It may take time for some people due to different types of biases practiced unfortunately in this country. One should not mistake that as failure.

If am rejected for this post, the only reason could be I don’t fit well for that position. No emotional attachments to that.

So best of luck in that job hunt.


7 Responses to Jobs – Get them!

  1. Veena says:

    & dont forget to refer vijay’s job buzz blog 🙂 Nice post Mohan!!

  2. Vijay says:

    Veena: Thanks for the plug 🙂

  3. Veena,

    What sir, long time missing.

  4. praneshachar says:

    what a great post. you must get it published in news paper
    it is worth a million dollor for feshers. they should take the
    clues and get themselves prepared for this. wonderful
    mohan you seem to be amazing personality what a great treasure
    house you are congrats and keep going

  5. Praneshachar,
    This is how I got my first job!! If somebody is willing, am ready to give this to print sir.

  6. Sanjay M says:

    Mohan, I second Pranesh – please try writing to and

  7. Sanjay,pranesh,
    Am touched by your words. Definetly would do so. thanks again.

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