Collage Chronicals – Faculty Updates

The pre-univercity blues hit us full blast on the first day , first period. It was sanskrit.

Sri H.S.Nagabushana Bhat walked in to a standing ovation ( High school mannarisums carried over!). Bhat sir smiled and we all seated down.

He started speaking in perfect Hindi… Er it sounded mostly alien that way but some of use could make out remote sanskrit words in his speech. We all were used to Vividh Bharathis Idam Akashavanihi, Vartha shroyantam, baladevananda sagaraha… meant it was 7 AM.

We sat through an amazing Zoo environment watching each other in utter shock. Help came just 10 minutes before the period got over when Bhat smilingly switched over to English and announced that its his practice to talk in sanskrit on the first period of the year – Some practice it was!

English was a language as heard, spoken and written in collage too. Not much of change. Some used to be glued to the explanations of poetry and tears of joy could be found in first bench while the same tears at the back benches explained some other activitiy – namely torture. Lakshmi madam on saturdays ( non-detailed text aka Lorna Doon) was an exception. Guys were allways guess estimating her age while gals used to discuss the prize band of exterior decorations. Her classes on Lorna Doone was attended in full strength. Till date we do not know here secret of youngness.

Physics was a great obstacle. In High school days, we just would mug up some equations and text and write it down from rote memory contained in brains or cuff links in exam to get through this menace. But here, we had to conduct the damn experiments and write down the values each time. Sharada madam used to tell us with a smirk of I knew it your value has to be greater than 8.3 how come you got 4.5? Just redo the experiment quickly

We kept on listening to cricket score from Raghus pocket transistor and just before the practical period ended, we quicky copied the 1st batch’s sucessfull figures of 8 and get 7 marks for the same. Some figure we cut ourselves in front of Madam every week.

Special mention must be made up of professor Mr Prasanna Aithal Here. He provided the much required soccur for troubled minds. He was the junior most faculty and in his very first year of teaching. He had a bad habit of asking Did you understand as the standard phrase to every explanation. The whole class at that point would say loudly NO and there our professor used to re-do his explanation. The middle benches used to keep track of variations and compare notes at end of class. Aithal found this out by mistake and stopped his questioning mode and went on default mode of rattling words 100 MPH. We bade good bye to his class.

Chemistry was a great subject. Sadly this chemistry never worked out between us or B.K. Chandrashekar of stochiometry fame. He allways used to write deadly diagrahms/formule and used to ask us to take it down. He had a nasal quality in his delivery which made us wonder wether he got it from inhaling all those odd fumes from the laboratory. Some girls had decided not to marry anybody related to chemistry as they were all so boaring and accurate.

Professor YSR as he was called was a great hit. He used to enact chemistry literally on dias. It was funny to watch the skinny YSR write one molecule of oxygen in one corner of the board, run and write another couple of molecules of hydrogen at other end of board, step back to centre and get the marraige of water complete!

Mathamatics was completely fun for AK Manjunath. He used to scare people with his wisdom rather than preaching the subject. We found that he secreatly had a tutorial at his home and got the notes cut and paste. So attending his class was mostly for his wise statements.

He used to say Bothers and sisters, dont take it so easy. Ask your seniors, they ooze blood when elementary maths of first year is given a go by in Bsc. Little did he know that 60% never even had remote ideas of going beyond 2nd Year PUC. They were here purely on fathers instructions. His famous joke was that when we all grew up and became Doctors, he would enact how we would greet ourselves in future.

Doctor how is your headeache? would have a return statement of Doctor how is your stomach ache?

Classy stuff. We never integarted all his calculated calculus. The only calculus we understood was of TinTin fame.

K N Nagaraj delivered Trignometry with the same velocity he used to play violin. He knew the instrument inside out. Wether there were Sines or Cosines, we never got anywhere much near them. Finaly he being the only professor who understood our plights said “OK. let me give you a small table. You just bye-heart it for exams“. So here at least was a professor who asked us to bye-heart something for maths and that was a roaring good idea. We made a point to attend all such Table classes.

What did we do with so much spare time than? We used to invest it in playing Cricket, Table tennis sprinkled with good mixture of mango, gauva et all near our college fields. I miss it 🙂


9 Responses to Collage Chronicals – Faculty Updates

  1. Diya says:

    A very enjoyable read 🙂

  2. rk says:

    sakkath maja banthu odhi. heege mundhvarsi saar!

    one confession: neevu finance bagge long posts bardhaaglella namma statistics lecturer jnaapkakke baratthare. 😉

  3. praneshachar says:

    really nice memories enjoyed reading it and I was remembering
    my college days
    mine was
    college hajar
    classge chakkar
    canteenge hajar
    attending very few classes like accountancy

    keep going and give us opportunity to call back memories

  4. Rk,
    welcome, en madodu sir, lekka ne statstics alwa 🙂

    Welcome to this site. Glad that you enjoyed. it.

  5. Prashanth M says:

    Nostalgic!! Calculus of Tintin fame – lol…

    ps; sent a mail y’day. pls chk reply sir 🙂

  6. Veena says:

    sikkapaTTe udda postu! Well, college time memories are anytime good. Nothing interesting mohan other than those maths, calculus etc, 😉 ?

  7. prashanth,
    Welcome… yavdu bandilvalla sir… pls send to

    Sorry for the length! Yes nothing interesting i suppose 😉

  8. praneshachar says:


    really nice memories enjoyed reading it and I was remembering
    my college days
    mine was
    college hajar
    classge chakkar
    canteenge hajar
    attending very few classes like accountancy

    keep going and give us opportunity to call back memories

  9. Praneshachar sir,
    Good poem! In our case there was no canteen so it was bull temple road and DVG road. For site seeing it was bugle rock!

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