Doing things in intended duration.

Long back, when i was a bachelor, my friends used to tease me, more in jelousy and half in jest. Invariably they would find me on the wrong end over promised no-shows, misplaced items, forgotten deals etc.

It was the long deepavali week end in singapore. All of us had ganged togather to watch movies nonstop on the telly. After 3 rajnikanth movies we all slept off as we could no more differentiate between hero and vadivalu or herion and her mom.

Just after lunch and having been fed up with telly, the talk turned to how time management can be achieved. So, myself was to do the honours of explaining the same.

Meeting deadlines is one thing but explaing how you plan draw more laughter than the famous comdiean on the block. Take it from me or you try it out.

I told them that i have a simple and small piece of notebook in my pocket. Into it goes the required work to be done followed by a cut off time. For example if myself had to return a book to library, it would have entries like read the book by 2pm, Leave to library by 3pm.

To prove it I just showed them my log book. They all fell down laughing much to my amusement. They said its impossible to do such minute detail work for evey aspect, another wise guy said what if I forget to write in the book. The last laugh was the guy who said what if i lost the book – do i need a backup.

I told guys – if you want it take it or leave it. It has worked, it will work for me.

There is enough material in terms of books, wiki’s, lectures covering this aspect from time motion series analysis to emotional mombo jumbo. So its as simple as that.


2 Responses to Doing things in intended duration.

  1. neel3 says:

    This reminds me of my son’s sense of time utilisation/lack of time management.
    Actually he is not bad in multi tasking -but the imperfect mother that I am ,I keep refering to him as OTLA–somebody who allows time to leak out of his hands–doing NOTHING.
    I tell him that he is a perfect person to conduct courses in
    i)how to spend time by re-reading books which have already been read ten times
    ii)how to postpone clearing the study-table by acting as if one is already late for an important meeting
    iii)how to SPEND time when we already have less of it!!
    Some people manage time TIME manages others!!

  2. Neel3,
    Yes, you have a very good point there. If we dont manage time, the corollory is true.

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