Near my home, we had a prominent service oriented hospital displaying “Free treatement for ailiments like BP, sugar, pains – using traditional system of medicines” caption.

With lots of interest and some pain points, myself & spouse walked into the waiting hands of the good doctor..

I was in far shock since the good doctor did not even have a stethoscope but sat with lots of grains – wheat, pepper etc.

He asked me the problem, took my hand and using a small metal pen started pressing on different parts of the palm. He asked me what excercices I do, how much water i drink.

He put some grains on statergic points of palm, taped it with adhesive tape which should be reatiend for next 2 hours he said.His final advice was quite simple. Drink lots of water – 5 liters. Keep a mouthfull of water when you are batheing and flush it out at end of bath – period.

After not giving much thought; but followed his advice. Miracle – my pain was gone which had a decade of history.

On closer examination, found that the technique used by the good doctor was an imported chinese one – accupressure.

Chinese therapeutic techniques are some of the oldest methods of healing approaches in the world. Many of these ancient methods date back at least 5,000 years. Accupressure being on of these techniques. Current research suggests that Accupressure arose from the healing method of acupuncture, as a means of non-invasive stimuli for the body’s spiritual energy, or Chi.

Accupressure techniques are said to address hundreds of ailments. In addition, it can hasten recuperation from many illnesses, accidents and even surgery or stroke. But it is important to note, that even the most experienced accupressure therapist, will tell you, this is not a substitute for conventional medicine, rather a compliment to it.

We call it prana, they call it chi

We call it Ida and Pingala, they call it Yin and Yang

Just imagine if simple moderation of prana can help in controlling/curing ailments, what a control of this kundalini could help us achieve?


2 Responses to Accupressure

  1. pegasus says:

    i am sure of one thing… these alternative medicines have far less side effects than the pills we pop

  2. @Pegasus
    Welcome to this site. I think in terms of alternative medicine this is one with zero side effects. Even ayurveda does have some side effects and they have neatly documented what should not be mixed with another medicine but end of day alopathy is highly toxic in terms of side effect. Keep visiting

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