Catch 22

This is one book which I had to read end to end and continue laughing till my stomach split side to side. 🙂

Jospeh heller has coined this word where in he describes this as a situation where an individual has to accomplish a task which is dependent on another task. The other task is dependent on the primary task. Thus this ensures you dont complete anything at all.

A prime example is that of a youngster who searches for a Job. He wont get a job till he gets work experience and work experience is not earned till he gets a job 😉

This hilarious book is about a US bombardier who wants to skip going on the painful bombing missions.

One way out is to get a medical certificate from his surgeon stating he is insane to fly the machine.

Army regulations state that no body sane would agree to fly such combat missions. So this automatically qualifys him to lead the mission.

This is the classical paradox situation depicted in the story. He goes from strength to strength, place to place as you read along.


9 Responses to Catch 22

  1. Srik says:

    Thanks for introducing this one to me. Will catch hold of it at the earliest!!

    Hey, honoured to be blogrolled here 🙂

  2. Sure srik, Get this book, one plate ambode, bisi coffee on a cloudy, raining day – read it end to end and ensoy.

  3. NostalgicMysorean says:

    Ambode or no ambode ,I read it umpteen times and still marvel at the ingenuity of Heller.He has created unforgettable characters like Dunbar.

  4. NostalgicMysorean,
    Thanks for visiting. Good to know that Dunbar, yassorin have delighted you too like so many others. Keep visiting.

  5. Sanjay M says:

    AMAZING book – a laugh riot! Yossarian somewhat reminded me of Beetle Bailey actually 🙂

    At the end of the excellent read, one is left deeply devasted by the atrocities of war.

    Btw author is Joseph Heller, who’s Jeffery Struyk?

  6. Sanjay,
    Thanks for noticing that cut & paste mistake. Rectified. Wars are to be never fought

  7. some body says:

    today i sat across from a lean kid who was sitting with her parents. she was trying to resist her parents’ attempts to feed her. i thought, if she ate more, she would be better able to resist her parents. what a catch 22 situation!

    – s.b.

  8. Some body,
    🙂 So implementation of catch 22. Good one.

  9. […] filling the opposite persons glass with wine. The same is true for the other party. So you have a Catch-22 situation here. Madhav san ( by this time everything had a san, tubelight san, bulb san) announced […]

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