Collage chronicles – Not yet admitted?

There were few of us buddies who carried over ourselves to collage from high school just like we continued carrying over our subject exams based on semester methods.

Madhava Murthy aka Maadhu, Venkatesh ( my cousin), Umesh , Anantha were all part and parcel of this growing up business.

Getting a Cycle was just ruled out in those Indira Gandhi, Ramakrishna Hegde days. We all settled for the trusted Hero No1 cycles. Mostly they were handed down from generation ensuring we remembered to curse them for each break down.

Since my father worked for Bangalore Transport Company, those days and he had vowed not to bicycle a single rotation, as he was free to travel on the buses – I was spared of this logic.

Due to my constant bickering, mother finally used carrot and stick policy to get my new cycle. “You will have to stop wasting time with those useless friends of yours and concentrate on studies” – the order was passed and I humbly nodded in agreement. The logic was i would have more spare time if I quickly cycled to collage.

Off myself, Venkatesh (cousin cum consultant) and mother went to Raja cycle mart in JC road. Having already concluded that I need to purchase something different from the old hero, BSA SLR the new vroom bike as advertised by Kapil Dev was selected. The price was a princely 710 Rupees without any accessories.

There were lots of lecture from my uncle and cousin on the upkeep of the cycle, which is another story by itself.

One day as we were playing caroms, sudeendra our umeshs younger brother came in and said “Anna – mother wants you to go to Lalbagh and get those free saplings they are distributing” and ran away. As madhavs mother also wanted a couple of saplings, we decided to go cycling to lalbagh to get those free of cost.

Roads of bangalore were a beauty those days. There were nothing called traffic jams, No pollution or honking and in 35 minutes we were in the west gate entrance near National Collage. We all dismounted and parked our cycles. Much to the others chagrin I decided to keep watch on my lovely new cycle lest somebody scratch or worse steel it.

After another wait of 45 minutes they were back from the nursery. Each had 2 saplings of mango, coconut as that was the only stock available. Uneventfully we made our way back to homes.

I had just had my favorite Tomato sambhar and literally lay down to read the Deccan herald. It was past 2.30 PM when the familiar sound of umesh cycle was heard.

It was sudeendra enquiring about me.

He just walked in to see me sprawled reading Deccan herald. He asked “Nothing has happened to you?”.

I was amused at his question and asked him “what should happen to me?”.

Sudeendra then broke the news. It seems maadhu and umesh whilst in the lalbagh had found “badam nuts” and consumed them. Just 45 minutes back they both had started vomiting and were taken to Doctor. The good doctor got them admitted in the near by Bharathi Nursing home for safety and kept them under observation.

They had eaten some poisonous variety of a look alike and hence his mother had sent him out to check out where I was hospitalized.

In the course of next couple of days both of them got back to their normal selves while I was more thankful to my BSA SLR, which had saved me this ordeal. Till date none of them have tasted even the real badam!


11 Responses to Collage chronicles – Not yet admitted?

  1. Veena says:

    Too good.. I think all of us will have such memories with our first new cycle. We had that hero ladies cycle, which actually was brought to be used by my brother. Ladies cycle was due to the other 2 sisters which might be using it once he is done with it.. Later came BSA SLR, Luna & mopeds.. Only my dad had bike called Rajdoot(one old CNM 4302 wala)..

    I think using cycle as a multipurpose utility vehicle is true everywhere. Right from flour mill, akki mooTe, heavy provisions.. just name it & cycle would be ready… Hmm.. the most memorable thing was, baaDige cycle.. I was in 4th std I guess , we used to crave for those rented bi-cycles.. 50 paise for 1/2 an hour.. ! Oh Man.. that was so cheerful…

    Present becomes past, so have a nice present any day & everyday.. Have a great day Mohan…

  2. praneshachar says:

    mohan, veena
    yes good memories. badige cycle yes I learnt cycling using badige cycle.
    first half peddle and them improve to bar and then to seat.
    My first prize possession was a Raleigh Cycle one of the gems in that period it costed Rs.425/ with all accessories. I purchased it on my upanayna and started using it for high school great days great memories
    thanks for refreshing them

  3. Veena says:

    Does anybody remember doing that ‘ardha peddalu style’ of bicycle .. ? We were unable to reach the peddle & do that…

    Raleigh cycle anthu sikkapaTTe ettar Pranesh avare..! I could never use it anyway.. I heard even my maava had that one & still somebody is using it.. generally they are so durable, atleast 1/2 a century!!…

  4. M O H A N says:

    Veena and praneshachar,

    I had tears in my eyes when i had to trade this cycle to my first TVS 50. Obviously we used to call “kattri” as adda peddalu style. Old is Gold 🙂

  5. Veena says:

    TVS 50 LOL… It reminds me all those mopeds like TVS XL/50, Luna(single seat), etc….

    Mohan, what was that ‘first’ TVS50, how many you had man.. I still have my Hero puch which I got in my 2nd sem engg(this was like 2years plan promised by my dad).. My younger brother was the next heir to it & we still use it.. ! almost 12 years now..!

  6. I meant to say the first two wheeler 🙂

  7. some body says:


    re: “Does anybody remember doing that ‘ardha peddalu style’ of bicycle .. ? We were unable to reach the peddle & do that…”

    one of these days i wanted to blog about monkey pedalling. my opening line was to have been ‘millions of monkeys typing millions of words might be able to rewrite shakespeare classics, but though we have millions of bloggers, not one has – as far as i know – blogged about monkey pedalling.’

    oh well … do you have anyone doing monkey pedalling anymore? or have the bike manufacturers – by creating bikes of all shapes and sizes – done away with that style of bike riding?

    – s.b.

  8. 🙂 You are talking of a cycle with single wheel right? Think nobody manufactures that any more!

  9. Veena says:


    2 things here..

    1) I watch that single type cycle only on TV shows(that to some foriegn ones)
    2) Do you have a blog ? Where ?? I mean the URL..!


  10. some body says:


    i guess monkey pedal in bengalooru is different from monkey pedal in orissa 🙂 [or maybe the term has changed meaning in the intervening years!]. what you call ‘ardha pedal style’ is what i am talking about, i.e., where the right leg goes under the bar and across and you are cycling on one side of the bike and the centre of gravity probably lies right between you and your bike!

    vijay has outed one of my blogs for a couple of weeks now :-). ramki knows about one of my blogs too, but i have kinda abandoned it (for) now!

    – s.b.

  11. Prashanth M says:

    So your cycle saved you!! nice writeup

    Till date none of them have tasted even the real badam! – lol….

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