Farmers & Suicide

It has been very common to hear farmers committing suicide, Government announcing various failure schemes, finding other data as reason for these suicides. The cycle is repeating itself sucessfully and many families are getting wiped out.

Why is the Government not pulling these farmers out and move them into next level of opportunites? Why is it that more than 40% of our people are still in agriculture? World wide hardly 1% of its population using mechanised forms feed the rest of the country.

Its quite a well known fact that for agriculture to be a success it has to be practiced on vast tracts of land [ Yes, i know isolated incidents of small farmers]. Why doesnt the farmer move up the scale and earn more money – look at USA.

Yes, we are not USA but whats wrong in a farmers son / daughter getting educated as he moves up the chain?

Why NOT?


4 Responses to Farmers & Suicide

  1. praneshachar says:

    All those farmers sons and daughters who are educated will not do agriculture. because of division of land on every partition share of each farmer will go down. only solution is cooperative farming crops should be grown in larger areas belonging to all people and share the harvest. I think in punjab farming is done most aggrresively and they are well placed. here you see few who are successful but not all. small farmers get into this debt trap be it from local moneylender or from banks. most of the time the full sanctioned will not reach them in case of banks where interest rates will be low ( if full amount is not received by the beneficiary then effective interest rate will be more on actual receipt) if taken be the local money lendrer the rates of interest are exhorbitant.
    With so many regular suicides it is essential some NGO’s can take up this cause and find a solution. then it will be ok

  2. Praneshachar,
    No. The idea is to stop using our humans to do the manual work. Move it over to mechanization as much as possible so that the faremers start getting a decent sum of money as returns. How long will the be in these sufferings?

  3. ramoo says:

    dear friends
    please dont look at indian agriculture from american eyes. small farmer agriculture is a better model. do you know the subsidies for the american model and amounts of energies used. if entire world has to live like US the life ends next day. unfortunate thing is these modern technologies are brought in and thrusted upon farmers with out proper support/regulatory systems even. crisis is more in areas where it is mechanised, chemicalised. i understand ur concern but look at alternative models which proved to be efficient. visit, and
    if interested please contact

  4. Ramoo
    Thanks for thelinks. will check it out. But the point is we are NOT talking about organic farming etc including ranting about support. There is enough support used, misused and abused in the system currently.

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