Digging up Humayun Tomb? :-)

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has put on hold a Delhi government plan to build a link tunnel under the Humayun Tomb in the heart of the capital. Expecting humayun to fight the Government back with vigour?

The ASI suspended construction following an order by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit to postpone the plan.

The proposed 2.24 km NH 24-Lodhi Road corridor project is estimated to be worth Rs 568 crore.

It is the shortest direct route between the Games Village in east Delhi and the National Stadium.


5 Responses to Digging up Humayun Tomb? :-)

  1. Srik says:

    Where do you get such details? Yes, India is becoming notorious in maintaining the so called “National monuments” at the cost of development.
    Now the 568 crores are gone to gutter, and when teh project is taken up again, there will be extra money that will be spent, and another national movement is required to complete the project.

    Long live bureaucracy!!

  2. Srik
    I was laughing so much that even if somebody filed a petition, the justice would come only when humayun comes back in his 10th incarnation.

    And people advice me to stop blaming the government srik!!

    Isnt bureauracy part and parcel of GOI?

  3. Srik says:

    Yeah it was probably started by the Govt, and now has infected the people as well. Indians now breathe bureaucratically adultrated air 😦

  4. Srik says:

    Hahahah Justice would be delivered when Humayun comes back in his 10th incarnation 😀

    Had a hearty laughter over it.

    Read this joke : http://srikslib.blogspot.com/2006/05/judiciary-in-india.html

  5. 🙂 Had a hearty laugh srik. Hope lawyers dont read that post! Just kidding.

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