MRP & Local Taxes Extra

Every product seems to have Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on it. Obviously the retailer get products at much lower cost than this printed rates and hawk it at standard rates. The difference fills their bellies.

I have only one problem in this area – The medical man. He allways collects more than MRP saying something of taxes. As i dont have options, need to buy it.

Remember that GOI had banned these extra taxes after meeting local drug manufactures. In fact just yesterday there were advertisements where a lady went around saying dont pay even MRP you can bargain on that…

Prey somebody in this sales channel throw some light!

All out for No loss


5 Responses to MRP & Local Taxes Extra

  1. praneshachar says:

    For Medicines also now government has brought this all inclusive price to be the MRP. I think new MRP’s will display this clearly yes earlier they were not covered. I think from OCT 2006 onwards this is brought into effect. However there may be some time lag allowed to clear the old stokcs. Yes it is true as the title itsels say it is Maximum Retail Price. If seller wants it to sell at a lesser price he is free to do the same.That’s why lot of Buy and Save Stores where they maximise turnover and offer very good prices to consumer and improve their profits in value by higher turnover/sales.
    I was told Subhiksha chain retails stores sell even medicines less than the MRP. If you have one nearby you can try

  2. Pranaeshachar.
    Will try subhiksha next time. Pill & Powders insist on these taxes. Thanks for the info again.

  3. Veena says:

    Some make the govt facilities as free to their families. Many
    first grade (class I) officers in state govt are given vehicles with a personal driver for the commutation purpose.. People do use it for their personal use.. which is not very good. When the driver has to enter in the log book, he needs to fake it as official trip.. this is disgusting.. My dad used to scold us if we ask for such free bees! We learnt whats called principles from him.. People says, nimmappa innu dudd maadbahudittu & why didnt he buy any sites or made houses for him.. I find it difficult to answer back such Q’s… Now its like people say that with proud.. so ridiculous, sometime I become so frank that they feel difficult to continue the conversation!!

  4. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Mohan avare, if you regularly buy medicines from one shop and that guy usually shares the profit by reducing some chillare amount upto Rs.10 . This is only to counterthe discounts that are offered by Subhiksha, Apollo, Aushadi(in Hyd).

    Nov-1 onwards the taxes have been regularised and no medicine should be sold with print Local Tax Extra as it already suffers tax before reaching the Retailer

  5. Sastry sir,
    Thanks for the info. I found the latest trick is to say this is old stock sir….

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