Its amazing, this country called INDIA.

Here the BESCOM employee gets free power, BWSSB employee gets free water, KSRTC employee gets free bus rides. The list is endless like this.

One person asked me cheekily, my father works in Mysore mints – why don’t we get free currency notes?

To my knowledge these kinds of amenities are NOT provided in most other countires to service providing employees unless they are part of pre discussed package deal.

The only answer I can think for this is in good olden days when the resources were in abundant, the companies with less number of employees were able to provide these freebees and also improve their efficiencies in some way.

But, with every resource being stretched to ends and limits, its high time people took a relook at these amenities right?


6 Responses to FreeBees

  1. praneshachar says:

    “My Father works in Mysore Mints why don’t we get free currency notes”
    Look at this Freebees most of these people are earlier paid very less and even now if you compare with so many others. But KEB and all have changed this freebees with a limit now not like earlier when it was unlimited. If they get some small benefits from their emplodyer mostly it is like a part of their service condition. all must have been told when took up employment I know one of two of my friends calculated these things and made it sensible to remian in their locals becasue of these monetary gains which will offset the increse they are getting in other places.
    In KSRTC, Railways, Airways all these are limited ( no of passes per year)
    Even though I am not beneficiary of any such freebees I feel as long as it is limited it is fine as these peoples nature of work and their pay packets are not that attractive compared to todays standards

  2. Praneshachar sir,
    Agreed. For arguments sake these people get DA or dearness allowance to beat inflation. If we are to consider the IT industries salary with SBI managers salary – the kind of mental torture/pressure put in by each needs to be verified before we can say “they are pampered lot”.

    One barometer of this is Blood pressure and other diseases which attract the affulunt only.

    True, as economy changes its face, these people need to change over too. Sadly there is no NGEF etc today, ITI and other PSU’s will either close down due to bad management /poor returns or get sold when they are doing good.

  3. praneshachar says:

    I am not considering anyone as paampered lot here. I believe everyone has his own problems in his own area. It is very easy to comment on others work. like saying goes “doorada betta kannige nunnage”
    So many people comment nimgenri problem double engine meaning both are working and earning in the family. But the amount of adjustments,sacrifices they do is not udnerstood by others yes they have taken this course and are doing this no place or life is bed of roses.
    Ofcourse I am not belonging to that group of both engines but I know the problems of them as I have seen the life of them

    Once upon a time HMT people were looking for the extra things they are going to get becasuse of comapny’s tremendous performance. but now each and every employee is happy is he gets his salary on every month.
    so situations for everyone changes. Bank people once evjoyed hefty OT but now with so many people out and computersiation they have to do lot of work ofcourse life is like that

  4. some body says:

    “But, with every resource being stretched to ends and limits, its high time people took a relook at these amenities right?”

    in a capitalist (or even relatively capitalist) economy, if these jobs are that much more covetable than others, would the laws of supply and demand not balance each other out? i.e., soon the demand for such jobs will increase to such an extent where the salary will likely stagnate, relatively speaking.

    bottom line, i disagree with your thought that the amenities need to be relooked at.

    – s.b.

  5. praneshachar says:

    sombody and mohan
    gone are the days when these jobs were created as a social responsibility.
    If you look at the % of workers in this sector who are getting these so called freebeees is negligeble. Of course over the years there is drastic reduction in these and ofcourse radical change in thinking also has come with all.

    How many people misuse the facilities which were given for official purposes it is better than that why can’t you think this is a facility extended
    for them during their employment and accept. so many other perks are provided to so many people in various ways and means. If some freebees are extended to all across the board I think we should not at all discuss this. In my opinion it is allright. as already put up I am not bebeficiary of any freebeed. always put your feet into others shoes and see then world looks different.
    agree or else we will agree to disagree
    good discussion enjoyed reading various perceptions

  6. Praneshachar,
    Point take. That these are all done with some good intentions long back. But the basic questions still remians. As veena has pointed out in other post there is rampant misuse – NO, am not telling everybody is doing it there is a minscule percent who are doing it.

    Offcourse marshalls theory of demand V/s supply will hold good every where. In fact the closing down of so many PSU’s etc are indicator. But do we need to wait till those forces take effect?

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