Blood pressure – The killer application


Saif Ali Khan (36) has suffered a mild heart attack.

This caught my eye NOT in terms of he being a celebrity but a little more than that.

The actor is suffering from a myocardial infarction, a condition brought on by the lack of blood supply to the heart.

According to cardiologist Dr BC Kalmath, “Myocardial infarction is quite common among South Asians and Indians. A large study done by noted cardiologist BK Goyal recently revealed that it is increasingly common in people in the 30-40 age group, which wasn’t the case till a few years ago.”

This termed as a life style disease. We eat more than the prescribed amount of calories daily but sit more at desks. To add salt to this ( pun intended) we gobble up junk food which increase our body weight.

Add some work/home pressure to this and the result is High Blood Pressure. The problem with this BP is that there are no symptoms. The only symptom is the onset of a mild heart attach like in saifs case or like my uncle who suffered paralysis waist down partially.

Some may swoon and fall down or that increased anger all point towards this hidden killer. There are more people killed by Heart attack next to our road accidents than all those cancer, AIDS put to gather.

So folks, head to that nearest doctor and get your BP monitored periodically if you are in the risk age group. If one of the parents or your grand parents have this issue – you have a 50% chance of inheriting their property!!

Prevention is better than cure!


12 Responses to Blood pressure – The killer application

  1. praneshachar says:

    happy you have triggered a very important issue thanks for your concern
    Yesterday I was thinking what this TV people do no other coverage he is so and so hospita he is in 11th floor he is in such and such room so and so is visiting his in hospital. once you get a news about celebrity you are out to cover everything
    I am happy you have used this to create health awareness great work
    keep going

  2. Thanks for your comments sir.
    I have seen many deaths due to this silent killer.
    Even what seems like old age normal death on post mortem is 75% of the time is coronary block.

  3. Veena says:

    MI(Myocardia Infraction) is something very serious mohan… Not too sure if this term can be exchangebly used anywhere. Its a case where the person will have no time to save a patient with cardiac arrest.
    Well, many of my relatives suffer from Low BP, which is quite dangerous..

    For the foodies, its important to note the uppum uppinakaayi in the meal.. its not very good..! 110/80 is the normal BP for an indian woman… Diastole can range from 110 to 125 but systole needs to be controlled.
    BP is otherwise termed as ‘siTTu’.. we generally use this terms exchangebaly. Mohan intermittently keeps his BP raised 🙂

  4. Veena,
    Thanks for that Info.
    Dr BC Kalmaths statement is quoted here verbatim. BP is the cause while MI is the effect. Low BP is more dangerous then High BP. Offcourse my BP is undercontrol 😉

  5. Veena says:

    I many time get into ‘Dharma SankaTa’ communicating about Diet control…! More interstingly, you can’t control others.. They say, yaavatto ond dina tindare enaagalla, & yaavatto ond dina is as regular as every week 😦

  6. Let me share this iwth you, that high BP has made my mother to lose her 80%visoion. Its deadly. I used to think, noting worry about BP, but it is deadly.
    BP and Sugar… its seriosu stuff.


  7. Veena says:

    May be somebody can write a paper on Blogging & increasing BP.. specially some controversial post!!..
    Ofcourse, ranting out or frustrating out also helps to reduce the BP..The white paper thing came into my mind becuase last week I got to know a new person who is a retired teacher from Kendriya vidyaalaya.. she told me that her paper got published which talks about how to teach Geometry lessons using rangoli art. To draw points, straight lines, parallel lines.. This sounded insightful.. an out of the box concept.. so was trying to Ctrl C & V here 😉

  8. Veena says:


    Not too sure whether BP affects vision. But sure diabetic for long will lead to Retinopathy which is loosing vision. Please suggest your mom not to lift any heavy materials like ‘bucket with filled water etc.,’.. Unfortunate is that its un-doable.. Prevention is the only option for them, sometime LASER surgeries work amazing but not always!

    Also, Aggarwal hospital do some surgeries which can replace the infected nerves but for that, the patient should have some ‘light of vision’ or something similar.. When we close our eyes, if somebody switches the light we can sense, some blind people can’t even sense that.. this can’t be cured & is permanant blindness….

  9. Yes it attacks the optic nerve, which will cause the loss of oxygen to eye. So what it means that her eyse is stll fine but the optic nerve which supplies blood is blocked or damaged now, and it is due to high BP.

  10. praneshachar says:

    couple of days back I was hearing a lecture on “maneangladalli oushadiya sassyagalu” talk was given by Dr.Vasundara Bhupathi. an intersting talk during the talk she was mentioning about three white poisions
    1. SUGAR
    2. SALT
    3. MAIDA

    I enjoyed the talk very much. so you must be cautious with use of these white poisions. One may result in diabetic, the other BP other may add fuel to the fire it can be totally harmful.
    be cautious in taking bakery products. let it be under control

    One more thing she said which I liked very much
    she said “Savakasha” oota madi navella nidhana antha tilitive avara prakara idu sanskrit word swalpa avakasha bittu oota madi anthe. andre in marriages and other feasts please leave some space and finish your food. dont eat untill stomach is full or upto brim innu swlpa beku annvagale oota mugisi. nijavagalu uttama vichara alva. yentari
    bellur mattu itararu.

  11. Praneshachar,
    Thanks for that info. Yes bakery products have something called preservaties (every canned item has this) which damages our health. Take a typical case of a ordinary cake in a bakery. There are calories enough for half a day, preservatives, yeast , salt, maida and sugar. All these work togather to get you that stroke as quickly as possible. Its your decision.

    Very sorry to hear that. My aunt is also without eyesite due to High BP. Its realy agony when the person was taking care of a big family of 8 and suddenly has to depend on somebody to even drink a glass of water. What a lifestyle change this disease brigns upon us if we dont change it before hand.

  12. praneshachar says:

    Even people with Diabetes will also have eyesight problem something called glucoma if not treated at right time may be fatal too.
    One of my uncle succumbed to this even though enough medical care was provided by his sons

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