Autos and Pollution

Just tail gate an autorickshaw in Bangalore, and you would be swamped in the thick blue smoke. Wonder why even after switching over to natural gas, this vehicle is spewing so much of toxicants into air?

The pollution control board thought that changing the fuel from kerosene ( yes you read it right) to Gas which can not be contaminated will solve the problem.

No, our enterprising autowallah continued his ways. Here is how he creates the pollution and smiles away to more pocket money.

  • Use substandard 2T oil as lubricant. Since this does not burn completely it gets emitted as smoke. This is used for lubricating the petrol engines. Since the autos just changed from liquid fuel to Gas which was mixed with air in carburettor. Much better as he dillutes these lubricant with other cheaper solvents and spirits.
  • Do NOT get your engine serviced. You save money since the piston rings need to be replaced periodically.

RTO & Pollution control board – are you awake and listening?


3 Responses to Autos and Pollution

  1. praneshachar says:

    gorkalla mele male suridante sarvanjna
    mohan you are asking RTO and Pollution Control Board are you awake and listining. They are awake but not listening to what you say busy in listining something else and striking ……………………!!!!!!!!!

    hope you got the point

  2. silkboard says:

    Mohan, they haven’t all switched to CNG yet. The deadline was pushed out, don’t recall what the new date is.

  3. Praneshachar,
    They are quite busy fineing people and meeting departmental targets. Come pollution day – they paint slogans on the same autos and we all forget it. Allergy related diseases are hitting all time new in urban areas. Bless the cursed pollution control colluding officials with some allergens so that they understand the troubles of other people.

    I did not KNOW about this fact. Was thinking they have all switched over!! Thanks.

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