Global Warming OR Global Warning?

Global Warming according to experts have been responsible for the unpredictable weather off late.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has released the first part of its report early this month, warns that this is just the beginning and most of what we are experiencing could be direct result of global warming.

Consider the following:

  • Hailstones hitting the road in Lucknow earlier on Tuesday and heavy rains washing out the campaign trail in Uttarakhand, which goes to the polls in a week There is clear evidence of global warming. The state is growing warmer. Forest fires are now breaking out in February and air-conditioners are being installed in people’s homes in the hills. Uttarakhand is slowly losing its green cover and glacial-melt has hit an alarming rate.

  • Mumbai and Orissa received unseasonal rain this February. Heavy rains have lashed Bhubaneswar, bringing down the temperature to 20 degrees Celsius. But it’s gone down well with folks bearing daytime temperatures of over 32 degrees over the past week

  • No snow and no rain meant a far from rosy apple crop in Himachal. January felt like March, and then in the first week of February everything changed. Shimla, over the last few days, has recorded over two-and-a-half feet of snow. It is the maximum in 17 years with chilling temperatures to 10 degrees below normal.

  • The people in New Delhi waited most of December and January for that familiar freeze and then just when the woollies were being packed away it began to rain and hail and the temperatures dipped.

The UN’s climate panel has issued its strongest warning yet; saying humans are to blame for warming the planet to dangerous levels.

This unpredictable weather, they say, is a wake up call.



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