Collage Chronicals – Coackroach episode

February 16, 2007

After having some how passing out the 10th standard (S.S.L.C), we got into the junior collage. It was the 80’s. Those days you needed to be an Engineer (Civil, Electronics) or a Doctor to make the money for buying imported VCR, Cameras etc.

We got pushed into Pre University classes (P.U.C) and it was Science stream since Commerce was for lesser mortals and nagh, don’t talk about that stupid Arts – anybody can get a degree there

So it was PCMB combination – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

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Dear Onion

February 16, 2007

My dear onion – where are you?

You seem to get people to cry in both times – when abundent and when scarce!!.

Please make an appearance before you get mobbed as dowery in some glorious wedding.

Your power of raising and falling have had its effect on powerful Governments

They raise when you raise and fall when your price falls.

Is that liquid falling the tears of joy or sorrow?

Oh my onion, please make your presence in the onion bath – as it is my favourite.

Even if it means to get a world bank loan.

Oh my onion,please make your presence – atleast in my home.

[ Encouraged by Remo’s Oh mare munni ]

Global Warming OR Global Warning?

February 16, 2007

Global Warming according to experts have been responsible for the unpredictable weather off late.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has released the first part of its report early this month, warns that this is just the beginning and most of what we are experiencing could be direct result of global warming.

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