Petrol Diesel Cheap!!!

Thank you murali deora for being benovalant and cutting off 2 and 1 re respectively.

Hope you get brownie points here:

  • UP elections are on and you can get maximum votes
  • You already have made enough since the International Prices came down long long back
  • As a common man will not see the decrease of other items with relation to your reduction we continue to fill in your tax kitty aka private purse of politician
  • Last but not least is that you have no intention of reducing the 16% tax on imported crude as if we can do with out it till date.

Thanks for the cheap politics. Hope P Chidu will not take back all these largeese after elections in some other important tax.


5 Responses to Petrol Diesel Cheap!!!

  1. some body says:

    i am glad at least petrol and diesel prices recede nowadays in india. back during my time (in india) :-), it was a one-way trip – up, up and away!

    this is the appropriate moment for me to demonstrate more of my ignorance (for the previous episode, i refer you to purandara dasa discussion on ramki’s blog!) –> what is the additive that we typically use in india when we fill up with petrol (and diesel too)? it is 2t something or the other. what does it do functionally, and why is it not used in the usa (this question is for the rnris or nris who are reading!)?

    – s.b.

  2. Some body,

    No somebody the main issue is the 16% sales entry tax due to which we are paying near 51 Rupees per litre. If GOI waives it off, we pay only 23 Rs. This paltry 1 Re 2 Re is of not much use. This is a progressive tax in the sence its on the entry point of crude oil into india.

    We use 2T oil to lubricate the engine which are predominently for 2 and 3 wheelers. If you open up the insides of any petrol vehicle you will either find a seperate tank for holding this lubricating oil or mixed with petrol in proportions.

    4 wheelers dont need it since they have a sepereate oil for this puprose in crank case itself.

  3. Murali Partha says:

    Typically all fourstroke engines and more modern machinery have separate tanks for oil and petrol that is mixed prior to combustion. The first 2 stroke engine I remember in India that introduced separate tanks was the Kinetic Honda.

  4. some body says:


    thanks! d’uh, i totally forgot the oil change that i get done for my car!

    “No somebody the main issue is the 16% sales entry tax due to which we are paying near 51 Rupees per litre. If GOI waives it off, we pay only 23 Rs. ”

    … and the americans will have more reason to complain about all those people in india (and china) spending all that gas(oline) that makes it so much more costly for the poor souls here (usa), plus the indians and chinese will exhaust this precious mineral! 🙂

    realistically speaking, it is probably a good thing that india applies so much tax – it serves the dual purpose of reducing the consumption of petrol and boosting the government’s reserve. after all, the income tax dodgers cannot dodge these taxes. if only usa were to follow this principle …

    – s.b.

  5. Prasanna Sastry says:

    Americans need not worry about Petro products “Some body”, Already they have occupied Iraq, slowly Iran later they will say even Qatar is dealing with N-material.

    Americans are like blind folded people and find enitre universe in Dark only them as Saviour. Uh!!

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