Cauvery Tribunal – What went wrong?

The roller coster story goes on.

When injustice has been done to Karnataka, all pundits are taking time to slowly come out with their own conclusions.

The projected drinking water supply requirement of Bangalore City was only 40% as per 1990-1991 data it seems.

There are others who point out that the way measurement of water standing was taken wrongly.

There are 2 ways to look at any incident of this important nature. One is from heart and one is from head. Judges seldom use the heart and insist on hard-core evidence based on which the judgments are awarded.

Why have the politicians keeping quiet? The answers are obvious. They just politicized the issue to garner their own sympathy votes and never really bothered about the issue.

Right from 1990-1991 why didnt the Chief Minister, the legal luminaries who represented Karnataka come out and file a caveat insisting on correct data/method be used? If common people on road did not have access to these data – did the saga of chief ministers ignorant of this fact? Did it take them 16 long years to find this out?

The real culprit in this case is the politicians who have diabolically enacted their parts whether it be Congress, JD factions and off late the BJP.

Even if the award is questioned again, The result would be the same since the data is not questioned. There is also another interesting angle here – the judges ensured they did not give a ruling till the last day of the tribunals term – all these are not good for the learned Judges too.


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