Where are the sparrows?

The Sparrow

Remember that small sparrow which used to sit at a distance when mother used to take rice and clean it off from dirt etc? The sparrow used to be bold but not enough to steal anything under our noses.

Indiscriminate cutting down of trees has made this bird fly away from cities as there are no nesting places. The pollutions of all sorts including Air, Water and Sound has ensured its migratory path.

Even when this sparrow built its nest inside our houses, we used to watch it with glee and jump in joy the day we hard the chirping of small ones.

Ooh what a joyous sight it was!

Ooh my sparrow where have you gone?

Is this the traffic signal as Madhur Bandarkar would say showing RED signal for the human kind?

[ Image Courtsey : Wiki site which provides more info for enthusiasts ]


8 Responses to Where are the sparrows?

  1. Vijay says:

    I miss the sparrow… I read another article which gave another reason for the disappearance of the sparrow… apparently the old “rangoli” that we put in front of the house used to have “powdered rice” as well… sparrows used to pick on that as well..

    Good post…

  2. Veena says:

    They are just gone out of bangalore. I could see some of them in wesetern ghats & the village I visited recently…
    SPARROW brings back huge memories. Me My brother tried so many time to catch & cage them, they are so quick & smart too 🙂

    Some Radio program spoke about SPARROW’s extinct & this included the cutting trees, he also spoke about the extinct on some insects or some plant which these birds depend on due to thich they decresed in their number….! Good Post ..
    No matter what, the Chirping sounds still echoes in my mind! Some good memories to cherish atleast 🙂

  3. M O H A N says:

    Yes. when we dont use the akki pudi it hurts the ants more than the birds directly. But good point.

    I actualy went through this emotion when we were able to spot a sparrow of differnt colour in our house shrub and went gaga to show that to my son! But alas, the bird flew away and I just went down the road remembering how my mother mad me eat ‘curd rice’ saying look at that parrot which was actualy a sparrow!

  4. usha says:

    some say sparrows are disappearing from regions where there are mobile towers contructed as the waves distract them a lot .. i do not know how far this is true….

    I had saved a baby sparrow and looked after it when it had fallen from its nest and its mother didnt p ick it up for days fearing humans, Nice childhood memories with sparrows around

  5. bachodi says:

    Yes, they are missing. I dint see a single one of them in few years. My grandparents miss them a lot , they are supposed to be lucky for farmers.

  6. Usha,
    Yes, my mother was saying the same too. In fact you may be correct as the high court in Delhi recently ordered Hutch to move its signal tower away from the vicinity of an apartment. An elderly gent had medical problems and filed a PIL. Poor sparrows do not know indian judiciary.

    They are lucky for the farmers since they eat up all the spilled around grains and ensure rats dont get attracted – enemy no 1 for farmers.

  7. TSSM says:

    some time back we had a chat on the disappearance of the sparrow from the city. the reasons could be

    1. too much of pollution in the city
    2. the doors and windows of the houses are closed now a days, thanks to a/cs, mosquito curtains, glass windows, too pigeon holed apartments.
    3. absence of shrubs in and around the houses for them to move around
    4. all cereals are kept in sealed covers, dabbas etc, leaving the sparrows no chance to munch.

    It is a real brahmastra on the gubbi from the city dwellers.

    I was pleased so see them in rural areas, esp. when i was travelling in train towards birur.

    It also reminded me of the book by Dr.Salim Ali, the noted ornithologist
    “Fall of a Sparrow”

  8. TSSM Sir,
    Hope they dont get extinct and we have to show them in zoo’s to our children. For example, cow milking is a demonstration in singapore mandai zoo on sankranthi days.

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