Smoking is injurious to OUR health

Up to 20 per cent of women who develop lung cancer have never smoked, US researchers found in a study that suggests secondhand smoke may be to blame.

As Cancer geares up to run down all the smokers, it has also taken its toll on the non-smokers. In India, many are not even aware of this fact.

Public smoking has been banned in many places, despite these people puff along.

So people, the next time you are in the vicinity of a smoking scene, either make the person run or better run for your life.

Smoke on one end and idiot on other end


21 Responses to Smoking is injurious to OUR health

  1. silkboard says:

    The other day I caught a few people smoking at the airport inside a toilet. Visitors to the toilet whined at it, and opted to put up. I went to an airport staff and complained, and the guy was like, what? why are you so bothered. Well.

    I see that you have your own blog now. Welcome, and all the best. Judging by the comments you leave around, this should be a good one!

  2. Vani says:


    My cousin N, who is a teacher, is very sharp tongued with these irritating smoker chaps. She was once travelling by train to Bangalore when the chap opposite her lit up. She immediately told him, “Please put it off, I dont inhale smoke on thursdays.” The chap was so dumbstruck, he immediately put it off, never to light again until he got off the train.

  3. Veena says:

    Its easy to be sharp tongue with strangers. Generally it used to end up with fights with my dad.. Finally before leaving out the talk, I would utter, atleast i don’t want to get married to another smoker πŸ™‚
    Prashanth was dumbstruck when I directly asked that question!!

  4. Veena says:

    The Trivia there was , There was no option for a NO πŸ˜‰ Ha Ha…

  5. Silkboard,
    Welcome pranav! Thanks for your wishes and what you said is the reaction of most people for me too. There is some wonder as to why this guy is complaining as its my money and stick. What the smoker does not understand is his stick is ment for every body.

    Yes as you say the tough tounge technique (Tm) is useless for near and dear ones. But its killing silently. I try to atleast tell illiterate people the bad effects of smoking and Gutkha and most of them say “we did not know!” wether they quit the hobby is not known.

  6. Veena says:

    Some of the people getting into the Gutka habit to leave the cigarette. This is even more dangerous, they question there was not cigerette or Gutka, its about saying a good bye to these killing agents!
    On the side effects w.r.t Gutka, they puke on the streets which is irritating. Recently, somebody puked on my clean silver bonnet! It was so harsh truth to clean it πŸ™‚ Useless !!

  7. Veena,
    So sad to hear that. Its true. The BEEDI variant which our poor people smoke is more dangerous than cigeratte. USA has banned ganesh beedi.

    Alcohol, Smoking, Arecanut products are known killers

  8. Sanjay M says:

    Light hearted conversations always are better than sharp tongue. Anyway the smoker isnt going to give up just because you say so. Atleast have a good relationship, who knows when you’ll meet him again! Recently I told an autodriver – “as it is you inhale so much of smoke from the city everyday, is that not enough for you?” And added “how much money you spend” – he said he could afford it. Then I left him with – “maybe you can afford the cigarattes but can you afford the medical bills?”

  9. Agreed sanjay.
    Till date i did not bother since it was THEIR health and wealth at stake.
    But today its MY HEALTH which is more important than all the wealth.

    For near and dear ones – drag them to the nearest de-addiction centre. Heard there are tables which you can mix secreatly in food and then they start hating cigrette smoke themselves….

    For far and other human beings – Be soft and informative but get away from the place fast.

    Thanks for visiting sanjy. Do revisit.

  10. Veena says:

    swalpa jaasti aaytu.. Not bothering about others & just bothering about yourself!! πŸ™‚

    Link added here, I guess this is about quitting smoking!

    Lastly, I agreed to sanjay’s point so whole heartedly, there was no other choice!!

  11. some body says:

    i wonder how many of you are aware that there was a time when smoking was permitted on flights – the trans-atlantic ones were hellish. did not matter where you were on the flight, you would inhale more than bill clinton ever probably did, however you slice and dice the definition of inhale!

    and talking of flights, i have found european airports the worst, in that they still permit smoking inside the terminal buildings (as does dubai). in the usa, the worst i have seen is las vegas (and that was a few years ago, so it might have improved now), though i have not travelled too widely.

    – s.b.

  12. Veena,
    As specified if they listen good for them , good for us. If they are adament atleast you can save yourself alwa? In this modern day of phull freedom its imposible to see light for so many.

    Some body
    Thanks for sharing that info. I just can not belive that flight situation for myself. Being an asthmatic, this triggers a breathless bout and if the inhaler is not around – I will be killed in 4 minutes flat. There are more people killed due to uncontrolled asthma in USA alone.

  13. Veena says:

    Mohan, adella nimma nimma perception.. atleast nanage aa concept digest aagalla.. so said it out…

    Modern day aadru ashTe yaavaglu ashTe, jana naave taane.
    Even today if you look through the song from mannina maga(some 1960’s) where kalpana sings that ‘song adenu samskruti adenu sabhyate’, she hums about all the entities which now we are seeing(& cribbing :-)) .. it was everytime there.. ! sumne eega aaga compariosion beDa annisutte..

    One point here, istella aadru why are these modern people interested to know about madhva principles, kundalini, brahmacharya, veda etc., adella crap anno jana taane eegirodu ?

    No other intention here, just wanted to make my point clear, I repeat.. I am not standard rule here. you anyway reserve to delete this comment as well…! Happy shivarathri sir…!

  14. Veena,
    You remind me of my mother. She goes one step further and says its the same sun and moon!
    I think words fail for me to reach you but if you try to mend the ways of any teenager you will realise the issues. Innu thomba timeide. till then happy shivrathri to you too πŸ™‚

  15. TSSM says:

    coming to the old joke:

    a guy read so much about
    the ill effects of smoking,
    he quit reading.

  16. TSSM Sir,
    πŸ™‚ Hope this does not catch up with people.

  17. Veena says:

    Mohan, half of it comes from Genes & rest comes with the environment.. so I think I need not have to worry so much that you do…
    Thats also not so far too…!

    One thing is definite, you belong to a different era(than me). I was so impressed with our Praneshachar, though he attended schools when we were not even born, he carries more of enthusiasm than us.

    May be too much of continental tours is the reason for your early saturation! I admire your energy to put up so much posts per day, I know that is the best way you can vent out easier πŸ˜‰

    You shoudl have attended DVG’s centenary function, it is a boon for all ..

  18. WE all have to take better care of our selfs….this will reflect on us a little but on our kids it will have a deeper impact

  19. Medical Infection,
    True. Atleast we are suffering, let not our children suffer from the same problems.thanks.

  20. tovorinok says:


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  21. Tovorinok,
    Welcome to this blog. Thanks. Keep visiting.

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