BESCOM – Super Power!!!

Bangalore Electric Supply Company (BESCOM) has woken up and is wide awake with its baby blues!!!

This seemed very evident when its chairman has announced that BESCOM is going to provide Bangalore the state of art power in the next 3 years on par with eurpoean standards.

Currently due to manual switching and rectification of power lines, the average power supply is on the range of 99% in urban areas. The actual supply at consumer end is a misearly 88.3% which is well below the mark of any operating company.

To improve this DAS ( Distribution Automated System) is going to be implemented in Bangalore city at a cost of little over 552 crores of tax payers money. BESCOM has also gone on record to state that Bangalore is its 70% revenue earner.

The initial trial runs are slated for Peenya Industrial Estate ( if anything is still left behind) and Electronic City which are the maxiumum power consumers. Another powerfull reason for this switch over is that all the mega projects for transportation are going to depend on this powerfull lines!!

So Mr chairman when there is going to be a projected shortage of power supply for Karnataka itself and unit costs skyrocketing beyond 5.50 Re, where do you plan to get all the power from?


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  2. TSSM says:

    It has been more than 30 years since Bangalore has been experiencing powercuts every year.

    This is not so in other metropoliton cities.

    If this is the case in Bangalore what is the case of rural areas?

    What a shame!!!


  3. TSSM sir,
    Latest update is that unscheduled shedding is started for entire karnataka except urban bangalore.

    Historically we relayed on hydel power and the social raj made sure there were no investments neither from the state nor from abroad.

    The globalization has opened up the flood gates of investment and hope we can see this as a requirement of past. The root cause is rapid urbanization and over population. Unless we check the population demon, there is no hope for any of the dwindling resources i suppose.

  4. TSSM says:

    That is all fine, but the same thing applies to other metros too.
    Hydro electric power is almost fully tapped.
    other sources are thermal and nuclear.
    population problems are similiar to other states too.

    the problem lies in planning for the future and getting it done.

    If you can execute a new air port, new 4 lanes, new highways, why not the powerplants to meet the ever increasing demands ?
    Rich guys own gen sets. poor middle class people sweat it out for ever.

    there is a lack of apathy alround.

  5. TSSM sir,
    Except for a couple of states, most ESCOM’s are reeling under this problem.As you rightly put it – its lack of planning and apathy around.

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